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[VEHICLE] 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS/SS/Intimidator/Dale Jr/Stewart/Gordon

  • I've been relentlessly searching for a mod for the 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo, but have found nothing. I would love a full mod including the LS (3.4 "3400 SFI" V6), SS (N/A 3.8 "3800 (Series II)" V6), and the 4 special edition cars (Dale Earnhardt Sr., Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, and Tony Stewart. All have the supercharged 3.8 "3800 (Series II Supercharged)" V6.). Ideally, just the Dale Sr car and the plain old SS. The Dale Sr Monte Carlo is just an SS with cosmetic enhancements and a supercharged engine that makes about 225hp. Some of them are the N/A 200hp 3.8 (also known as 3800) V6, like mine.


    @U1rich for a small donation i could create time for it.

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