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Help to change car colors in x64e

  • How to add different car colors in x64e I change tornado3 to different car

  • @Sanchez98 the cars in x64e are found in carvariations.ymt and its encrypted so you cant decrypt it at the moment.

  • I usually add new lines just copy/paste any car lines from carvariations in


    then you can rename the car line to tornado3, also scroll to bottom of lines rename to tornado3model kit, you can leave the tornado in patchday3ng no need to move it, and adjust colors as you like in mpluxe

  • @Biggdogg it work thank you

  • @Sanchez98 no problem

  • @Willief23 Ruh roh Willie, you are starting to lose your luster, LOL

    See above : 3

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