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LS Riots script

  • I think it would be awesome if we had a mod that adds the LS Riots from GTA SA, just better.

    • Burning houses,
    • Random people fighting with melee weapons (rarely there are maybe some gang members who are armed)
    • Random burning or overturned cars on the streets, fire trucks coming to extinguish the burning cars
    • People looting stores (they enter it running and leave the store with some stuff in their hands)
    • Some store owners protecting their stores from being looted with sniper rifles or simply handguns or other weapons
    • Motorists (including the player) getting pulled out of their cars and beaten
    • Emergency services responding in the city, police attack unarmed looters or people fighting with nightsticks instead of guns, they will also try to arrest them


    That's a good idea. Kinda like the old R⭐ Warriors game

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