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urgently need help.

  • [ENG]Urgently need help. After the mods went missing yacht, aircraft carrier, and the sellers of the stores. The game does not see DLC mpheist, although in the date "disclis.xml" the prescribed code. Who faced and solved the problem? Sorry for my bad English
    [RUS]Срочно нужна помощь. После модов пропала яхта, авианосец, и продавцы в магазинах. Игра не видит DLC в mpheist, хотя в дате "disclis.xml" установленный код. Кто сталкивался и решил проблему?

  • Uhm...WUT?!?

  • Did you even load them with some trainer? (Also did you enable MP maps?) they don't spawn naturally , only with Open All Interiors

  • @Sergh please write in your own language. so that someone who understands it can try and help you out.

  • @HeySlickThatsMe [Bad ENG]Enchanced Native Trainer UPD.32 on the screen you can see you can not enter the clothing stores, ammunition and tattoo salon...
    [RUS]на экране вы можете увидеть как персонаж не может войти в двери магазина одежды, боеприпасов и тату салоны... (закрыты) (вошёл я с помощью клавиши F6(Airbrakemod) СКРИН 2 )
    alt textalt text
    alt text

  • @Sergh Do you even play as Franklin Trevor or michael?
    Or did you even finish more missions?

  • @HeySlickThatsMe I passed all the missions for all)
    @FoxtrotDelta I speak Russian, but the translator we have bad(

  • @Sergh But do you play as franklin trevor or michael?

  • @HeySlickThatsMe before that played for Trevor(had the same problem) now playing for Franklin(mod Vin Diesel)

  • @VancityD Very true. @Sergh he is right. you are not using default player. try using franklin etc and see if you still have this problem.

    @VancityD you have a Good idea and a sharp mind.

  • @VancityD

    1. I use the original player with the mod(https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/vin-diesel-replace-franklin-sportklass)
      before that I played standard Franklin and Trevor.
    2. before you write I deleted all scripts, all ADD-ON's, returned standard "dlclist" and "gamecinfig" did not help(((
    3. Yes )

    this is the last problem to be solved, tried to do it myself but I can't(((( and all mods it works, I don't need a yacht and an aircraft carrier, as I need to get the sellers back)
    but when the game is reinstalled everything works(

  • @VancityD im sorry if i or any moderator had to lock the topic but we have some rules & guidelines to follow and that's why i am the moderator. or else you and me are just users. i have to enforce the guidelines so that things don't get out of hand for the website or the website doesn't go down hill.

    i tend to do my duty , while trying to be friendly and nice to people. sometimes it might seem rude . but im not trying to be rude. it's just that moderators and admin have to be Equal and just to everyone :)

  • @VancityD don't be that hard on yourself , there are posts everyday, and people sometimes don't know the guidelines , if you see my comments history the moderator named terminalgta was often pissed at me , for not knowing the guidelines . and not following them :P he seemed rude to me then, now I understand what he had to deal with every minute so I understand now, let's not detrack this topic.

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