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[MAP] [WIP] Go To Hell V. 1

  • Hi forum dwellers,

    I have just released my second mod, which really just builds on my Kingdom of Heaven mod. I followed the joke further and made hell. I've decided to add all sorts of stuff down there in the future. Ideas, go:

    Desks, Chairs, Prison Cells, skeletons, witches, cauldrons

    I'm all ears if anyone has ideas. Hmm. Add ears...

    Also I'll have some neon signs and stuff and release a proper set of props this time people can build with that aren't all way off somewhere else from 0,0 and with boring textures haha. I think I might try to make post-apocalyptic los santos too as part of this eventually, but really ridiculous. I'm already thinking of slicing the maze bank in half and posing a giant samurai cutting it down the middle ;)

  • Yeah ok :fencer:

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