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[VEHICLE] Peugeot 306


    Yes, an odd request for a 23 year old crap-box!

    There's already a mod for the 306, but it's one of those already modded cars.

    I have a slight preference for the pre-facelift version, though any would be okay. DiRT Rally has a very nice Peugeot 306 Maxi model, though a street model would be extra nice.

  • yes i was gonna make a post about this id like to see a street one too like a dturbo ;)

  • For a small donation i can create time to develop this mod. sadly i can't do non donation mods for a while.

    but i have 3d models for peugeot 107, 206, 206 sedan, 207, 207 3dr, 307, 308, 407 SW , 508 406 & 607

    all models are Top notch quality and paid models. let me know if you guys are interested in me developing these mods into gta 5 cars with Decent Quality.

    if you guy's don't afford to Donate . i can still contribute by providing atleast 2 free 3d models here. Sadly i don't have 306 at the moment on my harddrive. but it can be found if anyone is interested in donating to me.

    otherwise please ignore this post.

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