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Easy-to-access thread for complete modding beginners


    My first post here, welcome everyone!
    Let's say someone who has completely no clue how to install mods (like me) types in Google "gta v mods" and notices your website being in the first position. He loads up the page, his first impression could be: "That's a lot of mods! I'd like to go ahead and install some of those in my game! But how do I do that? What do I need to know?"
    Seeking the answer, he would probably come here to forums, looking for assistance. And here's the problem. There's a tutorial section, which is quite a mess, and browsing through it could be a struggle. For modding newbies, it would be a good idea to compile a "Beginner's Guide to GTA V Modding" tutorial (which should be stickied for visibility) that would contain all the information needed to start using mods. Since I'm an example of such a n00b, I'll give you examples of questions such a person could ask themselves:

    • What do I need to do before installing a mod? Do I have to use some kind of tool?
    • How do I go with installing it?
    • Are mods compatible with specific game versions? Are they backward/forward compatible? How do I check?
    • Should I be making backups? If so, how?
    • If my game breaks or no longer starts, what do I do? Can I diagnose which mod is causing that?
    • Will mod x collide with mod y? How can I tell?
    • Will this mod work online? Should I be using it online in the first place? Is there a chance of getting banned because of it?

    There are probably even more things a person should know about modding. Could such a thread please be created? That would help your website improve in some way :)

  • If anybody wants to write up something like this in the Tutorials section, I will gladly pin it :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion!

    Further plans include providing links on mod pages to tutorials on the forums for installation help if the mod is covered by a tutorial here.

  • Yeah someone should sort the tutorials by level of difficulty or by type.... @administrators can this be done? :)

  • @Chiz_wiz Difficulty is subjective, though.
    I've seen people on here who cannot install car mods through OpenIV, yet that is one of the basics.

  • @GTATerminal yeah you got a point there... I guess just sort it by type....... cuz it's getting flooded hahahaha XD

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