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[problem] infinite loading screen


    guys i faced lately a problem especially when try new game start i get stuck with infinite loading but when i put back my save game it works fine also tried half way save game when a want to start some mission the game works fine but missions and characters get freeze and no blimp or icons in map i can just free roaming any help !!

  • I had the Infinite loading screen issue before.
    What I did to solve it was to remove the local profile in: Documents > Rockstar Games > GTA V > Profiles > Profile(Example: 7G2BC16D)

    Chances are, you're gonna lose your save. But that's a sacrifice you'll have to make.
    When I got it I was only a mission or two into the game, so it was no big deal for me. Hopefully it's the same for you.
    It seems to be a issue that occurs around the begining of the game.

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