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  • Hi, Welcome to new Gta5-mods forum and Dyc3 Mods Community.

    -> This thread will mainly contain the news of New Releases, WIP Mods & User Discussions.
    -> No Spamming please.
    -> Post any new ideas or suggestions here.
    -> Report any mod's bug or glitches here.
    -> You can post any solution for certain problems/bugs if you are 100% confident.
    -> Only Top Quality mods & new ideas resides here.

    Kudos! to Rappo & team for the new forum.

  • 2016 Camaro SS Update 2.0 now Available..Get it Here

    • More Tuning Options [overall 95+].
    • Dial Tunings with Cool illuminations.
    • Fixed some Major known & annoying Bugs.
    • Now Paintable interior Leather Accents.
    • Now Paintable Stock Wheels.
    • Unbreakable Rear Window
      [Let me know if you want front windscreen unbreakable too or both breakable].
    • Fixed the roof bug when viewed from 1st person.
    • Changed the sound to Rapidgt.

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