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[PLAYER] Agent14's head

  • Hi, I'd like to ask the community something, but first I'd like to apologise if my english is not perfect, it is not my first language and I'm learning.

    I've been looking for a while to find a way to use the head of agent 14 with player_two body and clothes, but I can't find a way to do it. The eyes and teeth just won't align with the head. I've tried many things with 3dsmax but I can't do it right, and I haven't found any tutorials that explain how to fix my problem! I've tried to attach the eyes to the head model but it doesn't work, I think there is a problem with the .skel file but I'm not sure. So if a really kind person could link me to a tutorial, tell me how to do it, or even better do it for me, that would be awesome!

    Have a good day and thanks for reading my request!

  • Hi,
    I just want to give an update on my message.
    I did it, I've been able too use the head of a streamed ped with one of the player model, I used 3ds max. It was hard, a pain in the ass but it is do-able. It is not perfect but with a little work it could be fine. Maybe I'll upload it so that someone more skilled than me could work on it and make it perfect. If anyone is interested in the method I used, just ask me here and I'll gladly answer.

    Have a good day!

  • @flodumalawi Please upload it when you can. I would love to use it. The head is replacing Trevor's correct?

  • Yes it does replace Trevor's head. I'll upload the cleanest version I could make, but it's far from perfect. I'm tring to keep the animations of the original head or at least have the ones from Trevor, but it is really hard. The one I'll upload don't have eye or mouth/jaw animation. Also I didn't make the hair yet.

  • Alright thanks

  • Trying my luck, if anyone can help me or link me to some tutorials about GTA V animations, 3ds max or anything usefull, it'll be really nice!

  • @flodumalawi I'm not sure if any of these will help but here you go :)

  • ^ That won't work , thats just for 3ds max only , not for GTA V

  • Then you try and find some videos to help him :P

  • Banned

    @flodumalawi you type english better than most Americans speak it. good for you kid !

  • @flodumalawi 3dsMax + GIMS Evo not will to give you the desired results. The facial rigging feature is not complete, you only can handle 2 bones per 1.5 texels area, What that means? That means, you are unable to add more than 2 bones rig per each 1.67 cms aprox scale. So, to rig faces in GTA V, is necessary to use ~8 bones in a small area and GIMS Evo can't read that info and export weird data, looking a mouth deformed in game, even in OpenIV model viewer you can see how was miss the vertex data and the mesh was exported with deformations.

    Trust me (I'm animator and TD|Rigger), you only can get results near to GTA V using Zmodeler3.1.3 or latest. Is a pretty basic software in 3D tools (the worst in posing and modelling) but is the only with GTA V support with 6.7 texels rigging, enought to add more and accurate bone rigging in small zones.

    In these 3 videos, a guy is using "pre-fragmented welding rigging", is a pretty pretty basic technique and with not 100% perfect results, but works offering a 80 - 90% of accurate rigging, enought to look good :

  • @Yelrix Thanks! I've already watched those videos but it seems that it is just for moddeling and not to export the model in the game! I feel like I'm the first to try to use 3ds max to replace a player's head with an animated face, I know I'm not but since there is no tutorials it feel like it!

    @KingsixII Thanks i'm doing my best!

    @Rarefacer Thanks for taking time to answer me. I've seen a lot of topics about Zmodeler3, but since I was learning 3ds max, I wanted to stick with it. Now that you tell me that it is better for GTA models, I'll try to start using it, thanks for the link! If you have any advice I'll take it, as a 3d modeler you must have some good tips to share!

    As for the mod, I've made some progress, but for now on I've made it an Addon ped, cause the skeleton and animations of the player's model is too complicated and I can't transfer the facials animations right. I'll upload it when it will be correct, and I'll try to keep you all informed.

    Have a good day and thanks to everybody for helping me!

  • @flodumalawi How did you attach the head to the skin?

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