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Probably been discussed, but abandoned mods?

  • Is there a way to, after a certain amount of time declare a mod RIP or MIA, because of Rockstars constant crusade to keep people from replaying SP and playing GTA:O for Shark Card crap alot are broken. While some aren't but broken completely but people just have gotten bored and don't want to be harassed or whatever they case may be (I'm not one, just been busy a bit). Can't we add a warning for those files, at least the ones that are flay out busted?

  • @Pedge Sure, feel free to report mods that are obsolete and I'll unpublish them, give the original uploader an opportunity to update, and remove if they don't do it or are no longer active

  • Well I was thinking there should be a "Report Broken Mod" button, and after a certain amount of unique IP hits, you could take it down and send them a notify. That would be more democratic way than some kid going "I remember that prick, he stole my line 462 for his mod, (&^%&@#)" LOL


    @rappo i suggest put a notification

    "This mod has not been update for %day/month/year% might not working correctly."

  • Anythings better than "Fix your effin' mod" Maybe you could even check the date and see what version of GTA and Scripthook it last worked with. It's up to you, there all good ideas, as long as theres some kind of statement.

  • There is already a "Last Updated" date at the bottom of the description

    It's a bit complicated to make this assumption of being outdated programmatically because certain mods will still work regardless of their age. Instead of showing an alert on mod pages that might still work, I'd prefer if people reported the mods that don't work. The Report button works just fine for that.

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