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Dumb question, but deleting items using Menyoo Spooner?

  • Im moving from Map Editor to Menyoo, and it works great for the stuff I add but the objects I delete return. I know it's not cool to run in and ask when I could do some research but sometimes you don't need to know how to hotwire a car to pump gas. :D TYIA for your help.

  • Hate to bump, but can someone help me, it's really irking me, I googled but can't find it.

  • You can't pernamently delete it with menyoo
    however you can edit the map files (.ymap i think) to delete them

  • Yeah I mean, with map editor I was able to, but with Menyoo, I cant, am I missing something?

  • Like if I delete it, and then load with menyoo, the stuff still comes back?

  • @Pedge if you edit the ymap that contain trash and remove them it should work better. but need to be done with mods folder and there is multiple file to edit if i'm not wrong

    maybe you can make it too by copying the folders that contains rubish to mod, and then delete the model from the folder( in mod). May that could work idk

  • No, I mean in Spooner, like if I delete something. I did that, and my stuff shows up when I load it but the crap doesn't delete.

  • Menyoo doesn't support .ytyp and .ymap. You have to do it manually.

  • I don't know if you guys get what I mean, I just wanna use object Spooner to add better furniture etc, but also delete crappy furniture, but when I load the resources aka load map the crap furniture is still there, and I have never heard of editing a .ymap directly.

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