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Is there gonna be a new script hook?

  • Well, im sure we all have this question but i am just curious as to what exactly is going on here. Is Alexander just having a hard time making it work with the new update? is it dead? any one working on a fix? i can get the game to run with mods but it would always crash after a few hours or if i went to certain areas. so i made the mistake of trying to fix it, now with everything back where it was, the game wont loadup. love this site, love all the mods, just really would like to know if there is something about this that i am missing. i mean im seeing people say make sure u have script hook, ppl still download it everyday, and i think im even seeing mods come out that require script hook, and sense it is not updated, thats is just really confusing me.

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    And what makes you think script hook is the problem? Have you done much troubleshooting on your game?

    There will probably be a new script hook when Rockstar update the game again, to answer your question, but how do you know that will even help?

  • @Euronymous hey man I've come a long way from modding since GTA 4 and if there's anything that I learned, it's a tedious process of trial and error and searching for answers...

    try re-installing your game... and place mods one by one slowly building the game like a tower... run game with each new mod and making a whole backup of the specific rpf/game file changed.... that's how modding works.... cheers

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    Right click on script hook and see if the file is blocked

  • @Euronymous What do you mean it is not updated? Alexander Blade updates it every time a new update comes out. And currently it's updated to work with the latest game patch.

  • what he said^ lol

  • @Zackintosh his last update was on the 13 of july.. there has been updates to gta since then, and have been having problems ever since. go look at script hook and every single person is getting missing cars and missing maps, i actually had it fixed past that just was trying to get rid of the crashing i have no problem modding everything els, and have been doing it for awhile, but this gta is getting really stupid. idk if people are just getting lucky er what, but script hook is NOT up to date, gta has updated AFTER the 13, and all these people are saying script hook is fine, yet everyone thats downloading it is saying it does not work. so the people that say its fine either have like no mods that need script hook, or are just lying. i just know that my game ran, it would just crash every so often. so when i started doing what people said fixed there game, it broke mine, and honestly i lost interest in gta all together. everyone is saying there is a outdated rpf fie in the Mods folder. so "just remove the mods folder and BAM" -_- uhhh so i have achieved a moddless game? lol do i just redo all my mods just not into the mod folder er idk whatever? idk if sumone has the time to reply that would be great, if not o well i started modding fallout 4 since they got good stuff now and its fun for more than like 5 min like gta is lol, sorry for the slow reply back. I had no choice but to trick myself into forgetting gta lol But yea anyway i listened to people and removed the mods folder and it crashes on startup now even after i put the mods back in. so i guess i should re install them..........(Opens fallout 4)

  • @BikerJohnny Because My game worked fine, then gta updated and it didnt work, and script hook has not been updated since the 13 of jul. The second i saw the game updating i knew i had to wait for script hook to be updated, the 13 was his update for the previous R* patch. every single person on script hook comments are saying missing cars, missing map ect. all due to script hook not being up to date. if u go far back enough in his comments, WAY after the 13, ul see alot of people saying uhhh new patch, where is the update. now its been so long everyone is just downloading a outdated tool. Hench why there is nothing but confused ass people in the SH comment section.

  • @Euronymous What game changing update came out after July?

  • @Euronymous What version of the game are you running? I am running Build 791.1. Online 1.35. with the version of ScriptHook released on the 13th July.

    Details of my dates and build numbers here... along with a snippet of the screen where my mod initialises (bottom left corner)


    And here's my ScriptHookV log from just now...

    [15:09:54] [DEBUG] Created script domain 'ScriptDomain_161D8DE0' with v2.9.2.
    [15:09:54] [DEBUG] Loading scripts from 'E:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts' into script domain 'ScriptDomain_161D8DE0' ...
    [15:09:54] [DEBUG] Found 0 script(s) in 'ClearScript.dll'.
    [15:09:54] [DEBUG] Found 1 script(s) in 'DeveloperHelper.dll'.
    [15:09:54] [DEBUG] Found 0 script(s) in 'GTAVDebugClasses.dll'.
    [15:09:54] [DEBUG] Found 2 script(s) in 'MapEditor.dll'.
    [15:09:54] [DEBUG] Found 1 script(s) in 'NativeUI.dll'.
    [15:09:54] [DEBUG] Found 1 script(s) in 'OnFootCinematicCam.dll'.
    [15:09:54] [DEBUG] Starting 5 script(s) ...
    [15:09:54] [DEBUG] Instantiating script 'Developer_Tool.DeveloperHelper' in script domain 'ScriptDomain_161D8DE0' ...
    [15:09:55] [DEBUG] Started script 'Developer_Tool.DeveloperHelper'.
    [15:09:55] [DEBUG] Instantiating script 'MapEditor.JavascriptHook' in script domain 'ScriptDomain_161D8DE0' ...
    [15:09:55] [DEBUG] Started script 'MapEditor.JavascriptHook'.
    [15:09:55] [DEBUG] Instantiating script 'MapEditor.MapEditor' in script domain 'ScriptDomain_161D8DE0' ...
    [15:09:56] [DEBUG] Started script 'MapEditor.MapEditor'.
    [15:09:56] [DEBUG] Instantiating script 'NativeUI.BigMessageThread' in script domain 'ScriptDomain_161D8DE0' ...
    [15:09:56] [DEBUG] Started script 'NativeUI.BigMessageThread'.
    [15:09:56] [DEBUG] Instantiating script 'OnFootCinematicCam.cModMain' in script domain 'ScriptDomain_161D8DE0' ...
    [15:09:56] [DEBUG] Started script 'OnFootCinematicCam.cModMain'.

    As you can see, no errors...

    I haven't had a single problem since the last ScriptHook update and that's not only with other people's mods but also the ones I have written. And I can absolutely guarantee that when I spend six hours testing my mod, I see no crashes, no missing cars etc... and that's pretty much every night where I am writing and testing my mod for at least six hours. So if being able to write my mod every night makes me a liar, then I don't know what else I can say.

    What you seem to be neglecting regarding the comments on the ScriptHookV page, is that most of them are complaining that the cars spawned with the trainer are disappearing. The trainer and ScriptHook are separate entities. If ScriptHook wasn't working, the trainer wouldn't work. If the trainer didn't work, nobody would notice vehicles disappearing because they wouldn't have a trainer to spawn them with.

    Notice how no comments on this page https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav mention cars disappearing? Yes there are crashes but can you guarantee that all those people know how to even install a trainer? Some people on there don't seem to be able to even download a file, never mind install and run it. And then there's the small matter of is their version of the game genuine, or is it cracked?

    The bottom line is, that the ScriptHookV released on the 13th July works right now, with the current version of GTAV.

  • It wont even let me in the game anymore with the mods in my folder lol

  • @GTA-HERO Dude! Scripthookv must be updated for the new game version and that takes up to 6 weeks. Christmas is at the doorstep and Alex is probably on vacation. Also the new DLC is the biggest yet and needs more work.

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