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  • ive been offline on this site for a year, as i log in, i get like 55 notifications, most of them are jedijosh's mods. it seems this guy creates so many mods and doesnt update them. Joshie.. i respect your work and i can say that most of your mods, COmbined together, really make the base game feel complete, buying a taco will certainly make the city feel alive, as much as i love what youre doing, i suggest updating the mods so they can feel like theyre in the base game, and finally, if you could do a pack of most of your mods (that are realistic) and put them together for a single download that would be awesome ( just dont give each mod a special Key on the keyboard, let the action button do most of the work,
    i dont really play gta V, but im certain what youre doing to it is making it better, just polish your mods , make them complete and feel like part of the game.
    love you

  • @Nayef-Mazraani His mods add NOTHING. Entertainment value for children.


    @jedijosh920 true words above


    @eshenk ouch!!! Lol

  • @eshenk I mean... he did make enhanced melee combat... and LassoV.... and Grab Pess.... and Drag Dead Bodies.....

  • @eshenk a lot of his mod are good ...
    Personatly I find more interest in his mod than yours but I don't depreciate your mod cause I don't use them wouldn't be smart or mature and irrespectful for your work ...

  • @eshenk I like how you say nothing but I take a look at your mods and they seem to add "nothing" in your "terms" as well? Looking at your profile picture, seems like you have "nothing" going on in your life so you start making "real life texture" mods to establish something better in the virtual world of GTA V. I know you have some sort of grudge against me because you've left some nasty comments on my mods before but I've ignored them. So what's the problem bud, I'm here if you need help? I make mods just for the fun of it and for the enjoyment of other people, I'm sorry I don't update most of my mods but I don't get paid to do this shit and I do this all in my free time or when I'm bored, I'm still underage, some people have opinions other than yours and you have to respect that.

  • @eshenk Entertainment value for children? What is wrong with you? You make fucking "real life" mods for gta 5 and you think you can discredit/insult someone who actually makes useful and fun shit for the game?
    alt text

    Eshenk all your mods do is make peoples harddrive smaller

  • Image removed by the moderator, avoid offending users , you are doing what is exactly against the community guidelines.

  • @eshenk content removed

  • @eshenk not cool , not cool at all, you have the right to express your opnion , but please refrain from insulting or putting negative comments on mod creators mod pages.

    Trying to be funny is great , and I love that about your comments . sometimes enjoy them too. But when it gets down right insulting and rude , no one can like or enjoy them.

    I suggest you answer @jedijosh920 's question honestly, so to clear up any misunderstanding if there is any.

    This topic has been flagged , topic shall be monitored by @Global-Moderators , please refrain from offensive comments all users , avoid quarrel. Expression of personal opinion is okay, but try not to offend anyone. Be it any user

  • @FoxtrotDelta Did u find my movie poster funny atleast :'( ?

  • @420x420 :P hilarious


    @jedijosh920 does have one of my favorites, gangmod. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/gangmod (download it today 😉)
    @eshenk also makes high quality mods, 2 different styles but good

  • This isn't a space to start attacking each other. If you have valid feedback about mods and how to improve them, by all means share it. This went beyond that and turned into something personal, so I'm locking it now.

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