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Texture Replacement

  • Hey guys back with another question. So this took me a while to find but I found the location for Franklin's swimming pool textures and found the exact one I was looking for at least I'm 99% sure. I replaced it with a new texture but it still shows the original. If someone can take a look or tell me where there might be another location for this texture in X64O.rpf>LEVELS>GTA5>_HILLS>CITYHILLS_02>CH2_05C.rpf
    inside of ch2_05c_blgs.ytd the texture is named os_ml_idwall_0010


  • did you replace it in +hi file?

  • @HeySlickThatsMe never saw you replied, but trying to do this again. That texture isn't in the hi+ytd. I noticed that the tiles are replaced in the house next to Franklin's but his pool stays the same @eshenk maybe you would know?

  • Here's what the pool next to Franklin's house looks like, once I get it into his pool it will be perfect;)

    0_1499048610564_Screenshot (439).jpg

  • if anyone is using codewalker 3d can you use it to find this texture in Franklin's pool?

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