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I need all dlcPacks folders ( mpchristmas2 , etc. ) in the mods folder?

  • I just use addon mods then have the mods folder with the update folder on it , but already are 17GB game update , so I need to have all these updates released until then or only the mods I put in the game?

    for example
    now i have: mods> update > dlcPacks > all dlc of game and mods (+- 17gb)

    I can leave just like that : mods > update > dlcPacks > mods i use (+- 200mb)

    i can delete all folders of original game dlc, christmas, heists, stunts ... ?

  • @fehcps If you don't use them you don't need to have them

  • no, you dont need them in the mods folder if you dont have a mod for them but you can always keep them as backups :)

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