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[Tool] [WIP] Timecycle Editor

  • So I am working on a graphics editor which aims to reduce the time spent on editing timecycles and other similar files in GTA V. Currently the editor only supports timecycles. Current features include:

    • A color picker popup for bulk editing colors, where you no longer need to convert your RGB colors into individual channels and
      then convert them to floats.
    • Real-time editing where you can use the graphics reloader mod to see changes that you have made.
    • Multi-Region editing. Where you can edit the county and city at the same time, or individually.
    • Multi-Time editing. Where you can edit all time cycle times at once or individually.
    • Number clamping which stops users from entering invalid numbers and defaults to a value of 0.0000.
    • Time of day display which is converted to GTA time values for you to be sure what time you are editing.
    • When inputting numbers in textboxes, changes are saved everytime you change a value.
    • Clean UI. Using WPF forms I have tried to create a clean interface which should not be overwhelming.
    • Basic built-in help documents
    • Multi-File editing. (UPDATED(26/05) ADDED)

    I still have a lot to do, but as it stands right now you can edit around 152 values (including color channels), and a lot of things are in development or planned, such as:

    • More editable values.
    • Project Explorer.
    • Quick edit mode.
    • Improved tooltips.
    • Viewable values, for single edit mode only.
    • Backup Creator
    • Modifier Editor

    There are however some flaws with the current version. You currently cannot see the existing values stored in the timecycle when you edit them. This is a result of moving the editor to work in real-time where values could not be read as well. I am planning on adding this feature back in, but it most likely won't make it in until I finish adding more editable values in. It is also worth noting that this is an application and not an in-game UI as there are too many timecycle values, and would become super cluttered in my opinion.

  • Amazing!! :)

  • @zombieguy That sounds absolutely amazing. I'm very interested in testing out your WIP and would be more than happy to provide some detailed feedback.

  • @Razed @Ramona
    Thank you for your interest, I will be releasing an early version hopefully today or tomorrow, as I think testing is definitely needing to be done. As you know timecycles contain a massive amount of data, however, in the current build, you can now edit 181 separate values (which of course if you include each time of the day along with both regions this is roughly around 4,706 different values).


    In the hands of artists like razed and CP this will spawn a whole new fresh look I'm sure :)

    Outstanding work @zombieguy

  • @Ramona @Razed @ReNNie
    First Early Version has now been uploaded. It will contain bugs and does not yet have all features or allow you to edit all timecycle values and does not yet edit modifier files.

    (Should be live soon) https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/vxp-timecycle-editor

  • @zombieguy Dude can't wait


    Finally! It was time for GTA V to have one. :D

  • why did you delete it?

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