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  • Hey, I wanted to share a preview video of one of the mods I'm working on and see if it generates any interest as it would take a lot of time to finish it, this one I simply called Body Parts Everywhere.
    The goal is to make the peds lose body parts based on where the player shoots them, or where the player vehicle hits them.
    The mod is very graphic, if blood and violence is not your thing; well you have been warned. But remember, its just a game!
    So far, the peds heads can come off if shot or hit, and the bodies can split in half if hit by vehicles (the vehicle speed is taken into account).
    Next will be individual legs (left and right, about 50% done), and the same for the arms, but it takes a lot of time, even with my custom tools.
    Here is the video:

    Here is a video showing the mod at this time, most of the heavy stuff is done, but still a lot to do.

  • just like the classic gta 3 n vice city...amazing

  • Looks pretty nice. However, I think it should be a little harder to knock off body parts.

    Mini guns should do it. Running over someone with a car (even driving over the body) should chop em up good, but not if the body rolls over the hood. Blowing up someone with an explosive should send the body parts in all different directions. However, I don't think heads should pop off when shooting them with a regular gun.

    You may be able to make this more realistic by doing the following.
    -The bodies only break apart when the person is dead. Mega impacts that would instantly kill someone would still break it apart. This will help the bodies break up when under a moving vehicle. Dead bodies normally don't go over the vehicle as the person looses all their balance after death, thus lowering their center of mass.
    -Exclude some weapons. Pistols, Uzi's, Fists, knifes, bats, etc.. would not cause a body to break. Shot guns, explosives, hatchet, machete, assault riffles, sniper riffles, etc... would break up the body.
    -Put the weapons that can break up a body into an ini list. Encase there are any add on weapons.
    -Add a list of vehicles to exclude, which can't break apart bodies. This includes golf karts, bicycles, forklifts, air tugs, etc...

    Look forward to more updates. This is something GTA needs. Especially when you run over a dead body and it goes under your car while you are moving at a high velocity.

  • This looks really awesome. I agree with nkjellman though, please give us a change to discriminate which actions trigger the dismemberment via an ini file. Car-related dismemberment looks amazing but people falling apart from light firearms is a total buzzkill. It's the main reason I deleted the jedijosh dismemberment mod instantly after testing it out.

    Also, if possible, explosion-related dismemberment would be the coolest thing ever. Right now GTAV has no body damage from even the biggest explosions which is kind of silly.

  • Glad to see you guys are interested, and thank you for the suggestions njkellman and Ehetyz; a short answer is that most of them can and will be done :)

    The long answer now! I will address your first suggestion last as it requires some explaining.
    -The weapons that can/can't break up a body will be in an ini file, it should be easier to customise the mod that way. Some obvious weapons will be excluded in the code like knives, pistols, etc.
    -Same thing can be done for the vehicles, either by vehicle name/type, or by vehicle speed , or both.
    -Driving over an already dead ped does not break it right now (or shooting a dead ped). I tried to show it by driving over a dead ped in the video; however it is possible. I will include an option in the ini file thou, for those with a strong stomach.
    -Now for the first part, right now the vehicle only breaks a body on death and at high speed, that means that on a high speed impact, as soon as the ped dies "on impact" and before it touches the ground, it is split in half. Now where the two halves go depends on the vehicle's speed, heading, etc. as they both obey the physics of the game; in the video I used a SUV so the upper part usually went over the front of the vehicle, and the lower one went under it. The game engine decides where they go but, it is possible to "help" a part into one or another direction (if that's what you meant?).

    As for the explosion-related dismemberment Ehetyz, I will look into it, I did not think of it, but it totally makes sens, silly me hehe.

    Thanks again, and let me know what you think!

  • GTA Will be so realistic with all these mods

  • Added a new short video (Preview2) to my first post showing the mod at this time, the peds are done, but I have to fix a couple of bugs, find a solution for a texture problem, add the ini stuff, and probably fix some more bugs after that, etc.
    Let me know what you think and if you have any other suggestions.

  • Looking good, I really like that the dismemberment causes some proper environmental blood splatter as well - even most AAA games can't get that right out of the box.

    Once you have a configurable INI this'll be pretty damn revolutionary when it comes to gore/response effects in GTA5.

  • Will there be an Blood spurt config file? because IMO it has a bit too much blood

  • Thanks Ehetyz!
    And HeySlickThatsMe, the blood effects in the video are placeholders/tests, but I'll add a setting, something like low/medium/max maybe? Good idea, thanks!

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