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Remove the 'This Topic Is Deleted!' (Posts)

  • Is it possible to remove the Deleted Posts? @rappo @Global-Moderators
    alt text

  • @jkrzd only topic creator, moderators and admin can view deleted posts. I can purge it for u if those posts are yours. I'll have a look please leave a link to,those posts need deletion.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I think these kind of post should be moved somewhere, i went to the page 2 of 'Off Topic' Section, and most of them are "This Topic/Post is Deleted!"

  • @jkrzd o I see let me have a look.

  • @jkrzd Most of them have been removed and taken care of. those were spam posts. not purged yet. i purged them right now. you should not be able to see those posts i think. as you are a regular user?

    @rappo should he be able to see those posts?

  • @jkrzd Thanks for that, we'll remove those in the case of blatant spam posts

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