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[HELP] Zmodeler / Open IV wheel position screwed up during export

  • Hi all,

    I'm facing a very odd bug, it already happened to me and i didn't find any solution so i started the project over. Don't have the courage this time to do it again so i'm asking for your help, please.

    Context :
    i'm converting a forza horizon model, the model works fine, i'm changing textures configuration and exporting to test the results in game. Once in game i chek the result and then close the game and do my fix.

    The problem :
    When i've exported the model from zmodeler to open IV, i can't tell why and had no errors but in Open IV the front wheel moved from its initial position to the rear of the car, nearly in the middle, and in game it's invisible. (see screens below)

    In Zmodeler3
    in zmodeler3

    In Open IV
    in openIV

    I tried to reopen a previous version of my .z3d file, canceling the last modifications that could have caused the bug, the result is the same, without modifications cancelled of course.

    i'm nearly desperate, so if you have some advice or a solution it will be very very nice.

  • Found a "solution" but not source of problem.

    I delete my zmodeler3 directory; re-download the zip from zmodeler3.com and it worked!

    You can not imagine how happy i am :)

    Hope it can help some folks and sorry for the false alarm

  • @mistaputt model looks great. and sometimes even if the openiv shows wrong position of the wheel. it is perfect in game. that's my personal experience.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Yes, i too already encounter things like that, but here, it was totally different. From an export to another it broke, without any reason.

    and even if i took an earlier .z3d version of my model, the export was bad too, very strange, any way it is now fixed and going forward to release point !

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