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Interior button lights

  • I'm so sorry, this might be the biggest noob question ever :D But how do these interior lights on a car work, in which certain buttons light up at night? In San Andreas, you would just give these parts the headlight shader and it was basically done. But how is it in GTA V? I mean, wouldn't they be on all the time if they get the lightsemissive shader? At least that's how it used to be in GTA IV. And to which part do they have to be attached? I thought about making them an "extralight", but aren't those usually the fog lights? Which would mean you would have to press a button for them to work, and they would have a corona aswell, which wouldn't be very realistic for those small interior lights. So how does it work?

  • @Chezy Just give them lightemissive shader, headlights id to vertices and attach to any part, to chassis, for example

  • Additionally, You can change vehicle lightning in its carcols.meta. If there aint any, just copy some vanilla lights lines from decrypted carcols.ymt and rename, try to choose light settings from direct replacement car or something similar. Moreover, You can also experiment using FLAG_RECESSED_HEADLIGHT_CORONAS or FLAG_RECESSED_TAILLIGHT_CORONAS flags, which are located in vehicles vehicle.meta.

    Anything with lightsemissive shader should have a permanent emission, just some patches ago, R* messed up lightning in daily conditions...

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