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Finally got things working the way I always wanted them to

  • Traffic densities per region work as they should in real-life, ped densities needs more improvement, but are much better, no crashes after extended game-play, no pop-in. I am doing all this with RDE, shit-tons of higher quality textures, and real-World vehicle replacements. It's a combination of how I have things set in gameconfig, popcycle, and vehiclemodelsets.xml.

    I could release this as a mod, but it will only make sense to those who have a nVidia 1070 or higher, and are modding their game as I am. Is it even worth it?

  • yes why not ? You are bringing to the table a +1 choice to those who can afford this mod.


    I think it's a good idea to upload it, I'm pretty sure alot of people have been trying to fix traffic/ped density and you cracked the code

  • And why it would only work to someone with such specific configs? It simple changes densities,it will only eat a little more FPS


    @eshenk Don't get why we'll need a 1070 or higher, with a i7 processor is enough to run things fast, and if you also have a powerful graphics card still better.

    As you said, you've replaced the vanilla vehicles, textures, etc, so if some people didn't do that, their game should work much better (in terms of FPS and such).

    And, "are modding their game as I am" means that you edited the files using modded vehicles and if we don't have them our game will crash?

    Today I was trying to get something like that but without success (just trying for 1hour, that's nothing), so if you're going to upload your costumized files it would be great :)

  • @Reyser a 1070 comes with 8Gb vRam that is why. It is enough to handle all that I am throwing at the game. I am going to get some decent screenshots on my next play-through, and then upload my files. I have a lot of car replacements, RDE, and HQ textures, above 4k some of them, so it's really going to take a decent PC to handle what I have done here, if other gamers have also heavily modded their games too.

  • I've got a 1080 and soon moving on to a 1080TI, so I'll be happy to try your mod.

  • @V4D3R It might be a couple days, as I need to do more observations throughout the whole map. So far I am really impressed. First tested in Vinewood Hills residential, to ensure traffic was not insane the way other vehicle density mods do. I then tested in Richman across from golf club, and have tested in the Countryside. The pop-in I used to suffer from is completely gone, not even the slightest amount, even during 5 stars. Soon I will start observing other arts of the city to ensure that traffic doubles up during rush-hour.


    It might be a good idea to test these changes with a more baseline game, and then your fully modded copy. I'm pretty sure an installation with a more near-stock set of mods (without ridiculous high-resolution texture mods and high-poly car mods) wouldn't need a 8GB VRAM card.

    In general config edits for density should be mostly CPU-limited, with variety being more GPU-limited.


    @eshenk 8GB vRam won't be necessary, but I have them so np 😁

  • Release

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