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How many mods do you use, and how is fps?

  • I wanted to use many mods in my story playthrough but Im struggling with fps when using many mods.
    Im currently trying to use around 45 mods but that totally kills my fps.
    So far I have found that especially script mods eat fps.

    So I wonder:
    How many mods do you use or plan to use?
    What is the effect on fps?

    Current setup: Around 20 mods
    FPS loss: Around 20 fps
    Plan to use: 80 mods

  • @xxx78 A lot of script mods are poorly made and will cause FPS drops regardless of what you do. You have to use more scrutiny when installing scripts to ensure they aren't impacting your performance. All it takes is one poorly made script mod to pull your frame rate down and cause other performance- related issues. A properly optimized script will have a negligible impact on framerate/ performance.

  • I have more then 100 add-on cars and something around 15 different scripts I guess,and also installed VisualV,NaturalVision and LA Roads,and the only FPS impact I have is when I turn reshade effects on. If I turn reshade off,my FPS Get some effect,but with it off the FPS is perfect (at least for me).

  • @xxx78
    This is useful to find which script eat fps

    I agree, quantity isn't matter.
    Even 40 scripts cause 0 FPS drop, but single script cause a big effect.
    In my case SPA cause headlight-performance issue.
    So I use SPG but it cause 10-15 FPS drop.
    (Both mod is great though)

  • Im doing a lot of testing that I posted in another thread, but it seems like all script mods cause fps loss, but that openIV mods cause very little fps loss, but I guess that have to do with what kind of computer you have.

    SPA gave me -24 fps and the biggest loss I have seen for any mod.

    I guess the only way to find out is to test each mod individually, but that again will take much time . Also doing testing in GTA5 is not easy, there is a lot going on the background and the situation change very quietly causing any kind of benchmark to be imprecise.

    Right now I have installed 46 mods, and I have lost -23 fps. I started with 117 and now I have 94. And that's not bad, but the fps change from each time I start the game.

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