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250+ Add-On Cars simultaneously in Traffic & 12x Pedestrian count

  • Tried using 600+ custom vehicle gameconfig.xml & real life traffic popcycle & Lupin's 12x pedestrain multiplier.

    Game crashes, needs increased Fragment count values.

    Still with vehiclemeta & popcycle only certain cars spawn on certain days in areas, want all 200-500 + 200 custom add-on vehicles to spawn at all times. Need GTA exe to use more RAM & virtual memory and allocate address spaces for the gameconfigs

    This would be a nice "mod-manager" style Project. Add-On Car Traffic & Pedestrian Manager.

    Also, the GTAV.exe needs limits removed to use more fragments & ped/traffic variety. An i7 6950x + 64GB ram will still crash where a i3-2330 with 8GB ram crashes

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