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[SCRIPT] Create an Anual Purge Mod based on the movie

  • I have seen the Purge one and two and since GTA V already has masks and weapons and cars it would b cool for either multiplayer or single player if someone could Replicate the Purge

  • @Matt hey man... this is the closest one... not sure if the same with video though..


    now someone made a mod on actual purge before but I can't find the link though. Video here:

  • It would be great if someone would make a script mod for the purge with a menu and make it downloadable on this website

  • If it was a script it could have an anouncement when the mod is activated and you turn on a tv and it could be timed and have most pedestrians dissapear off the street it could also work alongside another mod called open doors where you can go in places

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