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How the hecking heck do i change my friggin profile picture

  • Alright, noob question but how the fuck do i change my profile picture on the forums? Whenever i press the button to change it, it automatically switches to the regular "gta5-mods.com" instead of the forums.

  • @fyzicz lol , hilarious title of the topic. I enjoyed it :P

    I'll tag the admin he can help, with your problem.


  • @FoxtrotDelta Oh come on, leaving rappo already? :stuck_out_tongue: I'd rather tag @administrators because we don't know when the other guys will be online, yet.

  • @V4D3R good thinking. We have 3 admins at the moment they shall all be tagged at the same time. Thanks.

  • @fyzicz you shall have to be a bit patient. admin's are a bit busy with site updates and maintenance. and nothing can be done till they create a bit of time. So sorry for inconvenience

  • The same happens to me

  • @mich on I'll keep that in mind, illflag your both accounts, for top priority fixed.

  • @FoxtrotDelta actually......same to me....the avatar doesnt seem to change alongwith the one I set up in the mainsite :/ yet clicking change avatar on the forums directs users back to the mainsite


    @FoxtrotDelta Same here. Changed mine a week ago or so but still wasn't changed here. First time this happened @rappo did it for me, but now I'll wait until any of the admins does it for all of us at the same time.

  • @Elope @Reyser i'll make sure Admin's do this feature among the first things, they do to improve this website. when they start working on it.

    Thank you for notifying. you will get a response soon.

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