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OpenIV.asi Crash GTALauncher Ver.

  • 3 weeks ago I decided to play GTA a bit, get some pictures and stuff, when I start the game, everything is fine, all my mods and a new car pack I installed. 4 or 5 days later I tried to launch the game again and it crashed on start up without me changing or adding any mods.
    I took my mods folder, asi and other mods and the game launches, add them back in and crashes again, I move all my mods to another folder and place vanilla files in the mods folder and still crashes. Just finished downloading the game after 5 days and it is still doing the same thing. If I take openiv.asi out it works even with vstancer.asi, Enhanced Native Trainer.asi and scripthook.

    Thanks for your help. :)OpenIV log
    0_1495831728707_OpenIV log.png
    GTAVLauncher log
    0_1495831785155_OpenIV log.png
    Asiloader log

  • check your event viewer if your on windows, will give you more info on what part of the prog crashed...

  • @StrakanXJ Thanks for the reply, I solved my issue already, and was just going to add it.
    Reinstall OpenIV

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