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[Vehicle] [WIP] Chevy Monte Carlo SS '88

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman I'm use tire model and normal map texture from Assetto Corsa, specmap made by me (take a look at default tire specmap in vehshare.ytd, and you understand how it should looks), also when i need material with strong, noticeable bump and specular maps effect (leather, plastic, tires) i'm use single color texture as diffusive map and proper bump and spec textures (most important to use proper specmap texture, for example made from original diffusive). And yes, it will be nice to use some proper lowrider wheels for my lowrider version.

  • @Yarm1995 Nice, thanks. I already know about the how the specular map looks in vanilla GTA V. I also create my one like that. They are colored because the wheel painting. Do you think that bump maps look stronger then normal map in GTA V? Cuz i never saw a bump map in the vanilla files that was used. I always found normal maps.

    As you can see here, my tyre profile is not that hq as i wanted.
    alt text
    And its very hard to color the specular map simular in the same result, cuz no normal map, spec.. baking software support this kind of colering, because its a own thing of GTA V
    alt text
    Its very rare in game engines, but it effect the specular effect in the way that is looking more like rubber and looking very wet in rain.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Your normal and specmaps looks fine, just try to use full black (with 0,0,0 RGB) as diffusive map and you see some difference. Of course it will be better with HQ normal and specmaps (1024x1024 or so)

  • @Yarm1995 higher normal ans specular textures creates flickering for me on full settings.
    Do you mean with 0,0,0 RGB on vertex RGB paint? Or do you meaning the texture itself at full black? Cuz lowrider wheels are not so dark in real live, they reflect much more than normal tyres.


    @Yarm1995 this is going to be nice, good you're taking time to do it right

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Flickering? Check their mipmaps then, because even if texture have them, mipmaps can be screwed. Best way is save your textures as .png or .tga and import it to OpenIV with generate mipmaps option, always works for me. And yes, i mean full black texture color. If you want brighter tires, try something like 8,8,8 , because textures looks much brighter ingame.

  • @Biggdogg Yes, i want to make completed car mod

  • @Yarm1995 I already know this mip mapping problems, but it don't work, i mean not on the wheels. And you talking about material diffuse texture black? Or texture editing.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman normal map and bump map are 2 names for the same thing. Also on your bump map I would recommend to remove the bumps near the exterior of the tyre cause they do weird effects ingame, better to just use mesh shape.

    I generally try to avoid full black and full white on textures, doesn't look very good.

    Also I tried using different colour spec maps, it made no evident difference.

  • @GreenAid nah nah no, normal maps and bump maps are not the same! Thats like saying PS2 is the same as PS3! Bump maps are outdated in the way that lightning falls off, the compressing quality and the way how they get made. Its a different thing. I am in contact with a lot of 3D Artist, they know how to bake them.
    And GTA 5 only use the modern part. Read this
    And i would recommend everyone here to not using bump maps on GTA V cuz NM are better as i said before. Also don't call it the same, ZM is outdated, but he won't change the slot name to normal map for only a few filters. Bake your own one and u will see the big differences.

    But what do you mean by my normal maps on the exterior of the tyre? Where? You mean the buttom?

  • nice!

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman I mean black texture itself. For me, full black diffusive texture on tires looks fine, for example when i try to use little brighter texture with 8,8,8 RGB, tires looks too grayish. Try to experiment with different colors.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman You can say they're different but normal maps work as bump maps regardless, since the info is included :) And as you said nobody uses black & white bump maps so there really isn't an issue here.

    And I meant these parts 0_1499771063525_upload-cfa1a711-b638-4782-a4e4-1f0d09bcea47

    When I tried the Dayton wheels ingame they looked really low poly :(

  • @GreenAid There not low poly as you think. The textures i get from the internet are very bad. I can't get any good Daytons profile picture to make a good texture. If would rework the textures, it would look much better. But from that you can enjoy the other type of Daytons.
    alt text
    PS3 work as PS2 regardless the graphical experience. Yea i made the normal maps :eyeglasses: .

    @Yarm1995 Yea thx. I picked the color from real pictures. On my development, i tested different types of textures, with more black and so on, and i stand at the end at this to my decision. Maybe i blurried something wrong over the way. I don't choose my more reflect version cuz like u said, the greyish effect.
    alt text
    Here a beta screenshot of my Daytons.
    They are a special type of tyres for making it that bouncing back like a ball.
    I need a proper textures. But would GTA 5 support so much high reflection without the greyish effect? If i look at the real pictures, it was far away from that hard reflection.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Its hard to match right texture color, because diffusive textures looks brighter ingame. And its even harder to find correct specmap color, but as far as i know, spec texture R channel affect specular strength and G channel affect reflection strength, so try to experiment with this.

  • @Yarm1995 Yea thats what i thought too :D also i know from GIMS EVO modding that RGB channel is very important for the contrast. Coloring them black makes the model completely black without seen edges if no light falls on it. Thats a problem for alot of people that trying to make GIMS EVO made mods, but for thise here i think its the solution.
    As you can see my early GIMS EVO tests:
    alt text
    R channel is reflect in any way. But G channel? I never heard that, i thought it was for deformation area only. Are u sure?

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman No, you mean vertex painting. I mean spec texture RGB color. For example, with single color full white spectexture we get very glossy and reflective surface, because R and G channels equeals 255.

  • @Yarm1995 ah i understand now.


    @Yarm1995 any new pics or updates bro?

  • @Biggdogg Not so much visible progress, but LODs are done (all parts have same LODs levels as on default cars). And also i finished that Torq Thrust's, that i want to include with car.
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Yarm1995 You made those wheels as a new wheel pack?

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman For now only these wheels coming with car (never tried to make addon wheels, so maybe they will be as replace). But later i'm planning to make some little pack.

  • Better as replace in first place, because my impala pack already reach the tuning parts limit. And i won't mess with people that don't getting both mods to work at the same time. I already found a limit issue with my Daytons pack in the combination with the Benny's Motorworks mod (The rewrite by ImNotMental), where it bugs as hell. But this problem is only for the Benny's mod
    Looks cool. Keep that good work man. There are not much people like me and you or GTA5KoRn or something else, that work so hard on single car projects.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman But how much tuning parts can be added without reaching the limit?

  • @Yarm1995 It depends on every user. If you use my impalass addon and your one only with a good gameconfig, then i think you have enough space. Noone have ever reached the limit. I am the first one, so it needs a good research. But what i know is, in the case that my impala got over 400 tuning parts, its up to the last point of the reached parts. But on my mod i really reached the kind of how many tuning categories i used, there is a limit. I think making over 500 front bumper parts only would be possible, but 500 parts over many categories, no.

    I know that a lot of people using over 400 addon packs in they game. But this can conflict with my impala. Lets hope someone will find a way to increase this limit. Idk how many tuning parts my impala currently used, but its over 400.

    But like me, you can if you want so many parts like me, splitting the carcols file into alternative carcols install. Or you simply duplicate your car in your addon and split the carcols over all these car models. Its the same car, but you need to spawn a different model name to get the other parts to work in the game.
    @kizacudo He helped me alot with this, hope he can reply to this here, he using over 900 addon packs.

    If some user can't make my addon to work, he can simply cut some tuning parts out of the carcols he don't want, i have comments in my carcols files which explain what it is.

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