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World War 3 Mod

  • So games like Battlefield 3 and COD: MW3 made the possibility of a Third World War happen. Since GTA 5 has Russian Army peds, US Army peds, armored vehicles and so on in mods and the weapons in the base game, I was wondering if we could make a World War 3 script, with a plot and everything.
    The plot could be just Russia going Homefront and taking control of the other former Soviet States and the Middle East, before invading or being in the process of invading America. Or Washington, DC was taken by Spetnaz and a surrender reached, in which America is a Communist puppet state run by Russian generals and policed by Russian Army units, futuristic technology and a corrupt GRU, with
    covert help from the British.

    Police could be replaced by Monarch Shotgunners with the Ghost pack and Advanced Warfare marines using the Crysis script, maybe GTAX Modding could expand the mod for use by NPCs. The Iron Man mod could also be expanded for use of Juggernauts and other police robots. Drones could also be utilized.
    For the regular Army a combo of Russian Army peds, Death Squad and Battlefield 3 US Army peds could be used, with security of course tripled at Fort Zankudo.

    More on the Plot:

    Your character ( Main or custom model) is living in America after something happened in Washington and an Imperial, post-Putin Russia ended up "keeping the peace" in the US after taking over the Middle East with help from Israel. Life under Russian rule is brutal and cruel, with military police on the streets and a corrupt GRU in control. Technology is also a key factor in Russian supremacy as US government "black projects" at the time of the occupation were finished, upgraded and put on the streets to suppress the American people. One day you are captured by a elite unit of SOCT (Special Operational Covert Tactics) and are on your way to prison when the bus' engine suddenly stalls and fighting ensures, in which you manage to escape..and realize you have stumbled upon a Resistance cell. Do you aid them or join the enemy?

    Other proposed features ( both timelines)

    . Supersoliders with guns ( Hulk Script ) spawn at six stars, which will have the full force of the law on your hands.
    . Technological Recovery- taking enemy technology and reprogramming and/ or fixing it
    . Actual martial arts, as well as knife throwing
    . Futuristic and practical weapons
    . Deathmatch mode

    Invasion Timeline

    A nuke goes off in the Middle East, causing the former Soviet Union and its puppet states to declare war on the capitalist world. Russian troops set foot in Los Santos, do you do nothing or make something happen?

    This is all I have for now, tell me if it would work.

  • @Brandon-Danvers As you offer the idea, looks good, but in the practice is impossible to include script mods like Hulk, Iron Man and Crysis, the reasson is: JulioNIB don't mix his scripts cause for that he needs to redo each one and demands important system resources to work.

    A guy is developing WAR V mod and looks pretty complete.
    To include special abilities and equipment for soldiers, is necessary a new script modder (I think a team) and is doable add essential abilities to the soldiers like super strenght, super jump, increased speed and response, maybe fly (complex and performance involved if is a flying batallion). The idea is good but needs to be refined and put out complex scripting if we want to see a real war with dozens of bots, and not just 6 or 10 guys flying and smashing cars to not affect the game performance.

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