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Online Character to Singleplayer (Idea)

  • Guys.. ive been working for this for about 5 month.. im here to ask for help..
    soo,what im tryn to is convert online player model to one of single player model. many of modder do it like "MP male to trevor, etc) .as far as i research, i knew about this:

    • yft = skeleton of skin

    • ymt = some kind like list of registered clothes/property of player.

    • player_dlc_shop.meta.xml = the things that needed to game can read clothes that we just add (DLC) (ussually located at "DCL(ex:halloween)/common/data/mp_f_freemode_01_halloween_shop.xml"

    so now i only replace ymt,yft,and all clothes folder of MP_MALE from x64v --to-- Player_one(franklin) which also in x64v. then copy the clothes of MP_MALE from dlc(ANY) --to-- replace on x64v one.

    it`s working, my franklin is changed to MP_MALE with all clothes from x64v.

    so the conclusion is "I Stuck on Clothes Number "ymt" of MP_MALE(which i already replace to Player_one) On x64v.

    GOAL : add dlc clothes for franklin.

    from my research we need to add new : -ymt -folder of new clothes to dlc that we want.
    what i already did but fail is this.

    • (1.) i`ve try to add more folder and ymt that i take from MP_MALE on dlc(ex:hallowen)/x64/models/cdimages/mphalloween.rpf/.) to dlc(ex:hallowen)/x64/models/cdimages/mphalloween.rpf/player_one .

    • (2.) add one more xml "Player_one_Halloween_Shop.xml"+edit it to match Player_One(franklin).

    • (3.) add line on the content.xml of halloween dlc (So the game can read "step 2" that i just add.

    result :

    • as you know from halloween dlc is many of mask(beard).

    • when in game i used enhanched native trainer to change skin

    • i played as franklin(->MPMALE) then try to change the clothes.

    • amazingly the number of beard is increase. the list is appeared .that mean all of the step above is right.

    • one more problem. when i try to change the beard to list that just added, the skin appeared to be blank. the mask is invisible. even the texture of the mask can be change. it just invisible..

    so what i learn from that test is :

    • game successfully read the ymt that i just add.(it shown by appeared of the clothes+texture list in game)

    • game only read the list if Player_one_Halloween_Shop.xml(step 2) exist. if its not exist the game wont read all of file that i just add.

    • if the beard from halloween dlc copied to x64v(replace one of beard), its working. the beard is changed to halloween one.

    so why clothes from x64v is visible, but not visible if it from the dlc folder?????????

    if u guys familiar with this kind of thing and/or have tried it, let me know. if u have any idea, suggest, just write in comment.. i`ll really appreciated it. please help us bring FULL ONLINE CHARACTER to SINGLE PLAYER.

  • I kind of had a idea to give franklin more bandanas with different colors https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/1579/new-bandana-textures-idea-for-franklin-read-below-the-images soo if you have the knowledge of that subject please send me a message

  • @Frazzlee yes im absolutely know that method,, but what i mean its kinda different.. we can easily bring online character to singleplayer... but what i`m doin is replace one of 3 character from single player to MP male so we still got the access to any store and mini games(ex golf,ls Custom,ect) + we still got the special abilities from that player..

  • yes please, we need mp male for single player

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