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Passing on the 5mods torch...

  • well, there's not much I can say what hasn't already been said...

    But thanks @rappo for all the work you've done for the GTA community. I mean I already was a frequent user of GTA4-Mods, so it's been even longer here. :) And sorry again for some troubles my mods have cause you ehehehehehe...
    But anyway, hope to see you still lurking around these forums and it has been a great journey. You have probably created the most liked download page for GTA 5 and the addition of the forum really made things step up to yet another level!

  • @rappo I dont know much about you. But Im glad I was messaged you few weeks after joined here.
    You awesome and reponse my message to me, a new member.
    I just hope ALL the best for you, your family and all people around you. Glad I ever knew you :)
    Thanks for everything!
    Hope we see you again on next GTA series...

  • @GPlay90 yes rappo is a very humble and down to earth person. I really like that about him.

  • @420x420 never forget "Rappo's Bumhole"

  • @rappo What can I say? I never had any problems with you, so, in my opinion, you have been a great admin. Actually, you have been the best admin I've ever seen on a website. I hope all your projects come true and I assure you, you'll be missed by the entire community! :)

    Goodbye rappo! :) You will be missed! :'(

    @Dark0ne @MrMason Welcome! :D

  • Thanks for all these years of quality.

  • @rappo Blimey... I came in here today to try and uBlock a user out of view, and find the boss hanging his hat up instead. :astonished:

    It would be rude of me to say nothing, so I will just say this. Thank you from the artists, for providing the stage for us to perform upon and thank you from the audience/viewers/users, for providing the comfy seats for us to view the performance from. :thumbsup:

    I can say with 100% certainty, had this site not existed, neither would my mods. I wish you the very best of luck in your future endeavours and offer my thanks for the time I spent in this one.

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  • More like
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  • This is how I feel about all this.

  • @TheSigui Never forget <3

  • @Dark0ne @MrMason Hey there and Welcome! glad to see you people on this website. :)
    @rappo goodbye :(

  • @rappo I couldn't login for the past few days, as I was busy with some personal stuff and Today, When I did, I had this notification popped up. "Rappo has posted a new topic", I was hoping to see either its gonna be a rules and policy update or a server maintenance activity.

    Nope, it wasn't any of it.

    Now, after reading all this, asking myself, Would it have been better, if I didn't log myself in even today?

    I started my modding journey with this great website, as everything around this community was just perfect. I knew, you always had a close eye around everything going around here. Which gave an unsaid assurance, a sense of security for my work, as no nonsense could be insulting, disrespecting us being modder(Both experienced/freshers).

    Due to past couple of instances, I was actually thinking to take a break from modding/updating my mods, now this turned my "Thinking" process to a "Decision".

    Anyways, I wish nothing but all the very best for your future and may you succeed with your further moves, and I do sincerely thank you for your contribution, by setting this great platform for creative people. bid adieu my friend...!!!

    @Dark0ne @MrMason Welcome to the community guys, wishing you both good-luck, keeping this community as great as it had always been.

  • @rappo I really will miss you as the best admin that stay always cool with everything.
    I remember where i was building up ModMy5 com with hbx84 and i was knowing GTA 5 mods there at the time, was newly registred. I thought it will steal all the visitors for GTA 5 mods. It was my secondary site to upload. But after ModMy5 gone, i was went to GTA 5 mods and it was better than i expected. I realised that the community here is so much better than all other ones i ever met. So many active people, so many youtubers and such. It was feeling so different. I only was knowing this site from youtubers that showed the famous script mods, like the JC2 Grabble Hooking mod, or the Jetpack mod. It was compelelty feeling different for me, but in the good way. So i was visiting your site more and more, and it becomes like a morning coffee cup. I will never forget that. I was supprised how many support the site direclty got after only a few modding things was possible. You bring so many things from me to famous youtubers that populate me with over millions views. I never forget that Prison Mod project.
    I never forget where you cleaned up problems with other people so cool and relaxed. I always thought you would get angry some day for some bullshit. But you never disappoint me!

    I really appreciate what you did here.

    I will miss you, i hope the new admins here, will do the same thing and keep working on the site.

    Nothing is forever

    Have a great time

  • Thank you Rappo, I guess it wasn't easy everyday ,thx again and much continued success.
    My best wishes to new admins

  • @rappo It's sad to see you go but you've created something truly great here and for that you should be proud. I hope the site will continue to thrive under the new administrators. Good luck to you!

  • @Dark0ne So glad to see you here, and know we are in very good hands with your leadership! Coming from NexusMods to this site felt like going back to kindergarten. No offence to Rappo, but there is a VERY juvenile feeling here that I never experienced much at NexusMods. I think it has something to do with the content of the game itself, versus a game like Skyrim, which was much more serious - no angry planes, dolphin cannons,etc.

    To be honest, I woudn't mind at all to see this site eventually merge with NexusMods in some unique way that makes sense. Anyhow, good to see you here, and I have total faith in the direction and plans you have for this site!

  • @eshenk "a game like Skyrim, which was much more serious" You mean like this serious? lol.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @rappo Thanks a lot for your work man, we will miss you a lot. Also, thanks for your support on my mods, i'll never forget it!

  • @rappo You've always been nothing but kind to me and were a pleasure. Thank you for everything you've done for the community.

  • Thanks for your work @rappo, good luck @Dark0ne and @MrMason.

  • @rappo Will you still be around? I hope so :(

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