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Passing on the 5mods torch...

  • @rappo please come back dude, seems new admins have no idea what they are doing here. these new changes on the site are a disaster...

  • @Gta5KoRn He probably won't... And just let them do their job. Can't be too bad?

  • @Gta5KoRn Indeed. To be honest, these changes in the 5mods interface don't feel really good.


    Rappo is gone, he spent a ridiculous amount of time running this site and decided to pass on the torch for a number of reasons, including the fact that he wants to start a family -- something he most definitely couldn't do with a full-time job plus 3-4 hour commitment EVERYDAY to 5Mods. In between his work and 5Mods he'd have had absolutely no time for a family. If Rappo had stayed running the site he'd have done so in a much-diminished role as he'd have spent way less time running it, and he knew that would have seriously affected the running of the site (like, days or weeks between uploading your mod and it being published). Hence one of the reasons for passing on the torch.

    I'm in regular contact with Rappo, and there are some changes we've already made that he said he himself would have had to have made this year if he were to continue on in the role. Especially in regards to the moderation on the site. But these changes take time to implement. Time was something Rappo had in short supply due to his commitments.

    As for admins that "go on vacation shortly after assume [sic] this site" -- I'm definitely not going to apologise for taking a holiday I had booked in 6 months before Rappo and I even started talking. I also take offence to such a silly remark considering I've been on here every day, on my holiday, answering forum posts, PMs and talking to people on the Discord server. Not really the actions of an admin who doesn't care, huh?

    Similarly, I'm not a coder any more (haven't touched it since 2011). Me going on vacation doesn't stop updates being made to the site, and the coders have been left with work to do while I'm away. So, a really silly and insulting remark, that one.

    In terms of "nothing positive" being changed, I'd say multiple file support is positive, I'd say more moderators is positive and I'd say making sure every single file on this site, past, present and future being scanned by Virus Total is positive. We know some people don't like some of the UI changes, and we'll work over the next weeks to try and make something that's more agreeable to a majority (and not just a complaining few).

  • Yep people are not looking on positive changes here, its a shame.


    That's just what I've thought yesterday lol. Everyone see the "bad" things, but no one is able to take a look at the great ones? Shit dude, they're like my father.

  • I am thinking that I want to buy beer for 5mods managers. :blush::beer:
    hot days, hot weather...


    @TobsiCred It's been a month since the new admins/coders are here, is normal that the website changes can be "worse" sometimes, but problems happens everywhere when changes are made to a website and they're going to be fixed, all of them. Our coders need more time, they're humans too, excellent ones, but humans.

  • @dsawdsaw I'd like to live wherever you live right now, it's 14℃ here. And raining like hell. :laughing:

  • @V4D3R I wan't to live where you do. It's 32° here and the sun is burning

  • @V4D3R oops >0<;;

  • @dsawdsaw Wait... BEER? YOU KNOW I'M GERMAN!! :D

  • @Kwebbl i didn't know :beer::blush:

  • @dsawdsaw I didn't say I don't like. Germans like beer. But I'm not yet allowed to drink it ^^

  • @Kwebbl 11° now. :stuck_out_tongue:
    I don't like derailing this thread, but at least nobody's posting negative comments now. I'll stop.

  • @Kwebbl its 30 degrees celcius here where i am during the day. So its not that hot here too :)

  • @FoxtrotDelta "Not that hot" I'm literally dying right now.

  • @Kwebbl in south of my country its 47 !!! Imagine them.


    52 in Furnace Creek right now. Thankfully we're heading to Zion today, where we'll have the respite of 39 degrees. Phew ;)

  • @Dark0ne 52 degrees celcius ?? Omg

    Southern united states???

  • @dsawdsaw Wait... Free beer ?
    alt text


    Yeah, Death Valley is the hottest place on Earth at the moment, and the south west is going through a heatwave at the moment! My poor delicate British skin is turning to leather before my eyes.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Psst, hes english, probably talking about farenheit xD

  • hot days, hot 5mods...

    1. bugs on web :blush:
    2. take2 :grimacing:
    3. a modder make me hot :angry:

  • @dsawdsaw a modder made you hot o.O like turned on or something ??

    Its a joke i know u mean angry.

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