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[SCRIPT] Horse race MOD

  • Since we have horse animal, the track, and the modders with a bunch of skill, why not we make it real.. anyone?

  • @Yukinono Yes I agree I got the same idea before the horse was released (it could have been done with dog) but now that there is horse it's prefect ;P
    This with a bet system ;)

  • @Yukinono yeah.. even if i'm not fond of horse racing... that would really make use of the track in game. Great idea :)

  • just wait until we could produce anim.

    you know the olympic stadium on gta v? there so many sport that could be implemented.. i cant wait for it

  • yeah used to remind me gta san andreas' nascar/dirt/oval race

  • @Chiz_wiz i think u miss the point.. i mean the other olympic track that has field for javelin, pole vault, long jumps, etc... look like my mistake.. but still nascar/dirt/oval race is awesome mod..

  • @Yukinono oh sorry hahaha my bad :) I was thinking about another area XD

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