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What happened to tags?

  • The newly approved mods like @SkylineGTRFreak's Humvee doesn't have any tags. Have you removed this feature?
    Also there are few mods which are in wrong categories.

  • @V4D3R i think they didn't have time to add tags. as other tags are there. the ones created. before.

    and i think mod approval is made automated will have such problems, for a while. until admins can figure out tags and things. i think they don't have an idea how the tags should be. and what these things are in general.

    i may be wrong.

    they plan on working on stuff next week. so in the mean while. it's all automated i guess.

  • @FoxtrotDelta said in What happened to tags?:

    I think they didn't have time to add tags.

    We have more than one admin now, it's highly unlikely that they don't have time to add tags. :smiley:


    i think it's better if we can put our own tags

  • @ImNotMentaL It would save some time for the admins. Let's see what they have to say.


    @V4D3R not some, it's many time

  • @ImNotMentaL yes that would be much better adding tags on our own.


    Hi guys,

    I'm still getting to grips with the new system at the moment. The work process Rappo used was extremely convoluted and obviously made just for him to use, which is something we plan to rectify very soon. To put it into perspective, quite a few admin tasks need to be done via direct queries to the database rather than through any sort of website interface/admin panel.

    Sorry about the gaps in current quality of admin work and keep pointing out these things so I can get a better understanding of the system. We'll get there soon.

  • @Dark0ne Going back to the initial tags discussion, I've noticed random new tags have appeared, and some are missing or have been discontinued. I think this will complicate finding mods in the future, as for example, a country tag or continent tag won't necessarily contain everything related to it anymore, and a heli design I recently released has no Thailand tag, and a new Helicopter tag, but it's a retexture not a mod. Furthermore, I have seen vehicles with inconsistent tags, one of which contained the model and make name of the vehicle, where others don't.

    Personal opinion as a major user, I feel that keeping the rappo tags and adding new tags to the system would be best, instead of completely changing what scripts, vehicles textures etc get given. In the longer term, it will be easier to find that mod you deleted, or the one you always dreamed about before you got a pc. (not literallt you of course).

    So my question, going by the discussion title, what actually is happening, and do the multiple admins follow the same pattern instructions for tags? Personally I find the new system to miss out tags, have new unnecessary tags, and a bit complicated in the long term.

    As for adding our tags personally, I would recommend a multiple preset dropdown option. Though this site was never made to let us do that, and I understand this may never happen.

    When we upload something, would it be plausable to write the tags in our comment section which I know an admin can delete, and you add them if you decide they're suitable, and more if that's what the current system requires?

    I know this is a lot to write, but lastly, will the uploaders be able to see a read me or a "discussion" about the new updates so we can understand what is going on and what to expect? I do believe this site needed updating, and that this is early stages, but I hope this constructive post helps in some way somehow.

    Lastly, which admins do we contact for help etc..is there a list of them all?

    Thank you~

  • @Namie243 if there are any tags missing or misplaced. please use report button. and moderation team will fix it for you. till the feature of adding your own tags appears in near future.

    it is i who is adding tags and accepting mods, these days temporarily not rappo. so may be that's why you are seeing this, as i said above if you use report button, moderation team gets notification and the issue gets resolved in a swift way, thank you.

    edit : i have added the Thailand tag that you asked for & removed helicopter tag.

  • Let me pick this up again:

    I noticed many mods recently uploaded on 5MODS feature tags which are basically the name of the mod divided into multiple single tags.

    Take Lundy's new unmarked classic Stanier for instance:

    Apart from the tags making sense - vanilla edit, lore friendly & emergency - the exact name of the mod - Vapid Stanier Unmarked Police Cruiser - was directly copied into the tags section divided into multiple single tags.
    Meaning the other tags you've got now are Vapid, Stanier, unmarked, police & cruiser.

    Although the tags on Lundy's car seem to make sense at some point, take a look at this Skyline GT-R by Alex9581 to see what happens with the tags section if a mod name is pretty long and detailed.

    I'm wondering what this is all about? Those tags doesn't make sense to me.

  • @prince_linus They were added by the author. I removed them. Thanks for reporting it.

  • I removed the unnecessary tags from the Skyline GTR mod.

  • @Jitnaught So every author can set up custom tags for his mods himself? Didn't know that.

  • @prince_linus Yep, it's a feature added a few weeks ago.

  • @prince_linus yes they can, but moderators can choose to keep or remove some tags which are in apropriate.

  • @FoxtrotDelta @Jitnaught Got it. Though I don't really get the sense of being able to set up tags myself. This automatically means those new tag sections will always be incomplete, especially if it's not possible to edit the tags of existing content, doesn't it? Though I'd appreciate to have tags specifically telling which files have been modified, dispatch.meta or popcycle.dat edit for instance.

  • @prince_linus moderators can edit the tags anytime. you just need to use report function.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Sure. I'll report anything containing too many tags, though I'm wondering how some tags even got approved :P

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