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Tips about modding GTA series crash solving problem : My opinion

  • when you playing modding gta series, it can cause game crash often, it make us really angry and upset, isn't this?
    when opening game crash,while loading screen crash it can solve more easier,
    but while gameplaying crash is give us really shocking,heartattack and angry....!!
    we always backup former files before modify, but sometimes turning before file, it still
    crash, or sometimes no change for game modify for long times but crash,
    i have many experience like these, i got to much stress so my lifespan maybe reduced, HAHAHA....
    We all know GTA is one of the world's best game, so we can't give up playing modding GTA series....!!!!

    here is my crash problem solving opinion,
    this based on my GTA playing experience: i have played GTA series since Early 2011year,
    firstGTA4, since last year GTA5,
    i tried many ways to solving crash problem about 5years, Next is that ways tips.
    i cant surely 100% guarantee these ways solve yours too, but maybe helpful...!

    1.backup your original files,or former modified files

    2.off your background running programs, if some programs running while playing GTA,
    that can cause crash, include internet explorer.

    3.game version often update, so we must change base Script files.(ScriptHookVDotNet,NativeUI....) if game got version update and no change base scripts file, that can cause frame lower and game crash. except pirate game version,

    4.this need so hard and many times but, we should apply some mods and test,apply some mods and test,apply some mods and test do it again. if apply many mods in one time, we cant find what mod is problem. i'm saying all types of mods.(vehicles,scripts,peds,maps,misc....)

  • Hello,

    I am quite new to modding and I would like to learn and clarify few things before I start to mod. I want to install rage plugin and
    LSPDFR and many other police mods etc. However there are few things I want to do and know before doing anything with the mods that will be contained in the directory.
    So right now I have a fresh download of GTA V and after I install all these mods to my directory as you know there's always problems that could happen in the future and
    I wanted to know how I can easily organise another backup so it can fix issues with the mod. Simply, when im modding I don't want to reinstall the game if anything goes
    wrong and how I can get round it quickly If you can state exactly how this can be done and what to do when the game crashes such as the rageplugin, I know it can happen
    because of many reasons but I should be able to fix the problem, how does it work? Do I backup only the mods I installed or back GTA V without mods just Rage plugin with
    LSPDFR to a separate directory then mod? How would I quickly fix problems with minimal hassle. Also, in the future I may want to play online and I know for sure that this
    can't happen whilst rage plugin is in directory with lspdfr + MODS. If any one can explain how I can get these together before I start to mod would be very much appreciated,
    moreover tips, trick and tools that you may know of. Thanks.

    I know it's quite a long description but I want to state exactly the problem so you know where coming from and I'm sure this is going to help many other people within the modding community.

    Links can be added

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