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Hello! A brief overview of upcoming changes

  • @krashadam IDK about Steam users, but that is what I use and it works perfectly (I have retail version)

  • @krashadam I did try that, but kept hitting the requiring activation brick wall.

  • @Anonymoused281 steam users dont even need bypass launcher mod they can make a backup of gta5.exe gtavlauncher.exe and old update.rpf

    After this backup get the update . after the update use these files to revert back . make sure to out old update.rpf in mods folder . run the game via steam as normally done. Just make sure to place gta 5.exe and gtavlauncher.exe from backup into root directory.

    Steam wont ask for update again.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Didn't have a backup. I nabbed copies of the older files to give this a shot. Dumped the old update.rpf into the update folder, then replaced the social club, gta5.exe and the gtavlauncher.exe and then launched it via the gta5.exe. The version number on the bottom of the screen matched up, but it would either gripe about activating (which my valid key won't work for as it says it's in use) or it crashes trying to load into story mode

  • This post is deleted!

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