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Hello! A brief overview of upcoming changes

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    @Dark0ne finally. this makes sense. GTA V is done. no more updates
    ( allegedly ). RDR2 GTA V are dropping ( eventually). my theory is, by the time GTA 6 drops, R* will have a nice new mod tool ( xtra $ of course ) that works a lot like open IV. and most likely a "mod" store where you can purchase thier mods ( more$ ).
    can't fight capitalism. so my bet is the open iv team is laughing thier collective arses off and counting fat stacks.

  • @KingsixIII GTA 5 modding is not dead.

    If you download GTA5LauncherBypass (https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gtavlauncherbypass) by Unknown-Modder you can run the game with mods by running GTA5.exe. No verification, no updates, no mod patches, just your Social Club needs signing into.

    Now, as long as you don't update GTA 5, GTA5LauncherBypass is practically unstoppable! And so are you! (As of now, anyway...)

  • @krashadam Wait, I don't need to wait for ScriptHookV to update? (Usually Blade updates it on the saturday afternoon of a gta5 Tuesday DLC, so i'm rather concerned)

  • @ethannn_ He's likely to do it, but he may get hit with a C&D. After all, how do Online modders cheat GTAO, other than with just OpenIV...?

    But he might still do it.

  • There's no reason to believe he'll get hit with a C&D like Open IV did. Don't believe anything until he himself says it. Everything is just rumours.

  • @Lundy agreed.

  • @Lundy Well how do you know he hasn't already?

    Also, I'm not spreading "rumors", I'm explaining possibilities. There's a difference, you know. >:\

    EDIT: Unless I'm mistaking something here..

  • @KingsixIII that is one possibility them counting the fat stacks. But seems otherwise. Could be.

  • @krashadam If you've been here as long as I have (or longer), you know the intelligence of a lot of people in the modding community... best to state the facts if you do explain possibilities or other like. And how do you know if he has? Nothing has changed aside from the development of OIV. As far as I'm concerned, we're just waiting on a SHV update.

  • @Lundy Are you calling me a liar...? Because I'm super confused here, what are you telling me? :s (Just woke up, so I can't wrap my head around anything.)
    EDIT: lol, can't remember what I even said to have this whole conversation happen.

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    @Lundy gonna be waiting a long time. lol

  • @krashadam No, I'm saying it's better you state the facts before giving any possibilities. If you just say, "Since OpenIV was 'banned', I don't know if ScriptHook will be updated." You'll get the retards of the community who go, "HOLY SHIT AAAA NO SCRIPTHOOKK! I didn't mean to come off of accusing anything, just making sure nobody goes nuts.

  • @KingsixIII Yeah, a whole 3 days or so, dude.

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    @Lundy I'm willing to lay down $$ that there will not be another 'hook update.

  • @Lundy ...

    the possibilities are still likely. I'll wait another 4 days, if there isn't a new script hook within 24 hours of the 4th day, plus the morning following the day after the 4th my "rumors" will be called true.

    If otherwise, then there left as possibilities (that never occured, hence calling them possibilities), and nothing else.

    @Lundy said in Hello! A brief overview of upcoming changes:

    You'll get the retards of the community.

    I... I can't think of a thing to say... just... wow. :s

  • @krashadam Lol, not directing that at you. At other people who can't read anything past a click bait title in all caps.

  • @KingsixIII Even if so, I'm sure there's someone who would create a "new" script hook for people to convert their scripts too. Or at least as a new base for new scripts. This community is massive and I can't see it dying out so suddenly.

  • @KingsixIII There may not be another hook update, but, we can still hope :P

  • So upset that steam auto updated my game, always knew I should've used the ragehook to backup files sigh

  • @kkrive500 Yeah. I tried the workarounds but it keeps griping about activating it nomatter what I do (including using the retail key for it. says it's in use). so looks like mine is out of commission as far as modding goes. If I uninstall my mods I can do the online thing, but that's not as fun as playing LSPDFR (to me).

  • @Anonymoused281 Wasn't there a way to turn off automatic Steam updates?

  • @krashadam Its not steam that updates, its the Launcher (Social Club), that is why running the game in offline mode for steam doesn't work.

  • @AHK1221 Oh damn. So brick it with a firewall or something, see if that gets anywhere.

  • @krashadam That does work for people, it is a viable solution, except then the game requires activation and doesn't launch.

    (When I say it works for people, I mean that it works for around 5-7 days until the game starts asking for activation i.e. getting online)

  • @AHK1221 Did they try Unknown Modder's GtaVLauncherBypass?

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