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Suggesstion @ Rappo

  • Would you ever put a "liking" system in place? You know, liking comments and making the most liked comment appear at the top. Or, if anything, have a liking system and have a sort by button. I know this is typically on a lot of sites these days, but I think its kind of cool and nice to have. Anywho, thanks for reading.

  • @Snowtigerjr Dark0ne and MrMason are the new admins now.

  • @Snowtigerjr the website is going through upgrades right now , and there are some things which have a lot more prority than like and vote system at the moment. But you will be notified here once admins read your comment ,

    @V4D3R. Tagged them for u.

  • @Dark0ne @MrMason i know you guys are new here but so far theres junk being uploaded to the site that shouldnt be approved to begin with. For example this mod

    Rappo for sure would have denied that mod from ever being uploaded.

    Also https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/map-editor-funbox and https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/very-low-settings-gta-v.

    We already have between 30-50 low settings mods on here no point in cluttering the website with more of those low setting mods.

    edit: we have been getting alot of spam on the forums from new users either advertising stuff or speaking nonsense. To prevent this you could possibly create a rule that only allows new users to post replies but they can not start their own thread or topic for at least 7-10 days after joining the forums.

  • @jkrzd im not saying all the new mods since rappo left are junk mainly just those 3 that i linked and 1 loading screen mod are junk that rappo would have never approved. And the comments on those pages backup my statement that those mods shouldnt have been approved to begin with.


    @Willief23 Right now I really am relying on the community to help report any files they think are breaking the ToS. While I certainly look at every mod, I'm obviously not going to have the experience and have had the time to develop the keen eye for spotting stolen/broken/not right mods that Rappo will have developed over the past 2 years.

    5Mods is really the only modding community I know of that had a single admin that curated and moderated every single file before it was even approved on the site, so the sooner we can stop relying on me and start relying on the wider community to help keep things as tight as possible, the better! For my sanity, as well as yours.

    @Snowtigerjr We had this sort of system on Nexus Mods for a year or two. We found that it actually became a "bandwagoning" and trolling tool for cliques to form and start "hunting down" mod authors and users they don't like and downvoting (or upvoting) them en mass. It became a moderation nightmare and it's not something I'd like to revisit anytime soon.

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