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[NEED HELP] Peds to Gta V Modding

  • Hey Guys!

    A few days ago i started to convert a Model to GTA V with Zmod3 with the Tutorial from Quechus13.
    But everytime i want to spawn the Ped ingame the game Crashes.
    I started from Scratch the third time and all i got is a crash ^^

    So i decided to ask the 5Mods Community for helping me out and hopefully somone could explain me what i did wrong.

    Here are the Files for Zmodeler3:
    Vanille Z3D File

    Vanille 3D Model in Open IV Viewer

    Maybe somone of you can help me :) Pls send me a message on 5Mods if you can help.

    Thanks to everyone whos gonna try it! ^_^


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