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NEW to moding

  • I was just wondering what do I need to start moding like to download tools or what now. looking to get all these cars plus this realistic mod plz help thanks


    @POPZSH0TZ You'll need to install the main scripts and tools like:

    • ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet: Both to load different kind of scripts (ASI or DLL mainly).
    • OpenIV: To be able to add, edit or remove game files. Also it will be very helpful for you to have a separated "mods" folder to keep modded files and load them only when you want to play with mods, otherwise your game will start redownloading original game files because it'll notice they're different.

    Also, count that some Scripts or specific mods will need some libraries installed in your system (Windows) to work properly, so keep always an eye to mods descriptions before a download.

    By "this realistic mod", which one are you talking about, VisualV maybe?

  • @Reyser can you plz put links to those to download cause i cause i would love to ass a supra an the visualV



    -> ScriptHookV
    -> ScriptHookVDotNet
    -> OpenIV

    Next time please, do an effort to find them searching in google, is not that hard.

  • Hey friends , I've never modded anything before . could some one please give me a hand and point me in a direction to start :) ?

  • @Reyser I am now having a problem finding my GTAV exe file I did not buy threw steam ive googled an still did not help

  • ^^please nobody else respond to this dumbass troll. and let him enjoy his soon to be ban.

  • @POPZSH0TZ You said you "threw steam". Where did you throw it?

  • @Willief23 Sorry Willie, I know you said not to respond, but I couldn't resist!

  • @eshenk I bought my game threw rockstar an I am not a troll so @Willief23 has no idea what he is talking about if this is how you treat people learning how to mod their GTAV an have no idea on how to do it you should be ban on how you are threating new people I've been on youtube for hours an none of those videos show you how to find the file unless it threw steam which I am now an when I do go where I am so post to their is no GTAV exe so @Willief23 hop off

  • @POPZSH0TZ OMG, LOL. You did it again!

  • @POPZSH0TZ said in NEW to moding:


    Oh, and BTW, what does "threating" mean, LOL.

  • @eshenk Hey @Willief23 I have a poem for you -

    There was this man name POPZSH0TZ
    He likes to threw
    He likes to threat
    He does not like through
    and does not like treat!

  • @eshenk what did I do? besides ask for some help an I meant to say treating. ive been up for hours doing work an trying to do this in need of some serious sleep. an you cause are being no help at all

  • @POPZSH0TZ What is it exactly that you want to do? Reyser already answered your questions plus this forum has a tutorials section on top.

  • Avoid offending others

  • @eshenk yeah mite of answered my question but yet that doesn't help me find the GTAV exe file cause I cant find anything

  • @POPZSH0TZ Well how the heck do you launch the game when you don't even know where it is?

  • @POPZSH0TZ What do you mean you can't find the .exe? Are you talking about selecting gta5.exe when using OpenIV for the first time?
    And if you don't know English very well, use your native language.

  • @POPZSH0TZ Nice. You flagged my post. I try to help people and this is what I get.

  • all you guys are being trollz. I got to where my GTAV exe should be an their is nothing an yes I am am talking about when I openIV for the first time it tells me that it doesn't have the GTAV exe file

  • @POPZSH0TZ If you go around calling everyone trolls, I'd say there's a slight possibility that you won't receive any help at all. @FoxtrotDelta warned the other two users who made fun of you, and you are now offending other people who are genuinely trying to help.


    you are being impatient , these people are trying to help you. and they are not trolling. if you can be patient , and listen to moderator's advice @V4D3R , he might actually be able to help you out.

  • @POPZSH0TZ Where did you install your game?

  • @POPZSH0TZ if you have teamviewer i'll solve your problem in 10 minutes. if not than carry on.

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