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What happened? Site went down with no warnings.

  • The site was down for awhile there, and there was no announcements.

  • No idea, however I did get some failed server requests. Looks like lot of traffic is going on since @rappo passed on the 5mods torch to the new admins.

  • Offline for maintenance right now.

    Edit: seems to be back online, although navigation is still a bit slow.

  • This should go into site feed back and bug reports. I'll move it there.

  • @FoxtrotDelta The site is slow at completely random times, and no paint jobs have been uploaded/approved for 18/19 hours. Do you know what's wrong with the site? Should I upload anyway and wait?

  • @Namie243 well @MrMason was at it all night. i think he is at it even right now. fixing stuff for you guys :) on the servers. it's being updated. hence the slowdown

    about paint job approvals i asked and . admins are going to make an announement about new mod approvals. soon. i'll give a link to you soon. once the announcement has been made.

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