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Reports to admin & inquiries

  • @DarkOne So by your new position as administrator, are you ready to respond if users made reports?

    Because I've got a first report: We need this mod to be taken down, and the uploader to be banned for stolen mods:

    Mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mercedes-sls-amg-by-b4pt3ur-add-on-b4pt3ur
    The uploader: https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/B4PT3UR

  • @Jonathan6506 Stolen Mod. Can you prove that?

    if you can , i can make this one into a different topic , as discussion can detrack this topic.

  • @Jonathan6506
    A lot of modder being accused of stolen other people file, like L.A Project by Bruno, CP Reported him.
    Rappo responds "Please which files you're refering to", and CP didn't answer it, cause he didn't have a (enough) proof.

    If one of the admin doesn't responds the admin can be either busy, or you didn't have enough proof that the mod is stolen.

    Back in the day i was reporting a mod that is actually stolen.
    By simply tagging rappo in the comment section and refering which files/mod are stolen, and the next day it was removed.

    Also his nickname uses "0" (Zero) Number not "O" (Letter)

  • @Jonathan6506 & @jkrzd

    The Matter has been Reported. and shall be Dealt with Soon. after proper investigation and talking to both parties. once the admins take notice and check in on this website Thank you very much for reporting. Thumbs up

    this has been taken care of by @rappo

  • This post is deleted!

  • @jkrzd I upvote what ever I like, when i agree with a comment , I upvote , it's similar to like or thumbs up button on Facebook etc.

    And this matter has been taken care of for now, thanks to @rappo

    Edit: i just moved these comments to a topic of their own, So that we don't hijack other topic.

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