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texture lost....

  • does anyone know bout any reason cause about the texture loss problem after playing LSPDFR for few minutes? or few callouts?0_1496055422375_20170529185358_1.jpg

    CPU : Intel Core i7-6700 @3.40 GHz
    GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 16GB
    RAM : 32 GB

  • @DANIELCHIA I've had this problem but not with LSPDFR just the main game. It's usually caused by a dodgy mod, or just having too many mods installed. What else aside from LSPDFR do you have installed?

  • THATS ALL! of course some replace police and EMS vehicle, and

  • @DANIELCHIA What about graphics mods?

  • @krissboo Make visual great again~ stable one

  • @krissboo and its happen when i call for too many backup or EMS service, that kind of need to spawn pany cars or peds in once then its happen

  • @DANIELCHIA Well I had a load of police vehicles replaced, so I reverted back to original GTA V police vehicles, and I was also using MVGA so I went back to Visual V along with Sugar Bloom IV and so far it hasn't done the texture thing.

  • @krissboo suger bloom? whats that? can u show me?

  • It's a graphics mod...here's the link https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/sugar-bloom-iii

  • Works well with my sad GTX770, but you should be able to run it fine with your specs ;)
    Also using the reshade and enb that comes with Sugar Bloom.

  • @krissboo i was using NaturalVision. and also happen this issue tooo....

  • I think with a lot of these mods it's just trial and error until you find something that works. I have gone through loads of graphics mods until I found one that didn't mess up my game.

  • @krissboo so u also got many issue until u find this one?

  • @DANIELCHIA Yep, I had loads of problems with game crashes, missing textures, too many cars replaced....But it helps to have these problems cause when you fix them you can help others :)

  • @krissboo let me uninstalle MVGA then install Visual V first... then u keep in touch okay? please i nned your advise!!

  • @DANIELCHIA I'm watching this thread so yeah let me know how you get on, and I'll see what else I can do if it doesn't work. Might be worth you uninstalling your police and ems mods for now as well. Just until you find the problem, then you can start adding them back in one by one.

  • @krissboo got it!~

  • Dude, How did you get on?

  • @DANIELCHIA have you tried a better gameconfig? It will help resolve some missing texture problems.


  • @Willief23 I went down that route, but it turned out not to help in my case...I solved my issues by limiting the amount of replaced cars (yes I know I should use add-ons but I just can't seem to get them to work for me) and changing the graphics mod I was using. Oh yeah, just remembered I'd been using DLC cars spawn in traffic mod, but now use https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/versatile-traffic and it seems to have solved my crashing issue. But each case is different so @DANIELCHIA might have luck using your gameconfig.

  • use only cars with 5 lods and low poly , (look at the .yft with openiv) Read this it will help you to understand why you have a texture loss

  • @cgz Sorry for sounding a bit stupid but when you open the yft how do you check for number of Lods?

  • @krissboo if you see where it says level of details when the yft car model file is open click on the word next to level of details and it should change from high to medium or low. This will let you know if the car has lods or not. And alot of cars on here dont have 5 lods only some mod authors go that far with lods. You can use any car model as replace whether it only has 1 or 2 lods but if it spawns into traffic the car will appear invisible till its a certain range from you if it only has 1 or no lods.

  • @Willief23 Ah right, thanks dude. I thought it was something like that but never sure with these things. Always good to learn how these things work.
    I think I've got about 40 cars replaced and only one or 2 that are invisible so things seem to work for me, but will see how @DANIELCHIA gets on when he replies next.

  • @krissboo since you have that many cars replaced you will start getting textures disappearing either roads will flicker on and off or the buildings will do it too. I starting getting those issues around 35 replace cars even with my gameconfig. So i wouldnt add anymore replace cars otherwise the same will happen to you.

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