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texture lost....

  • @DANIELCHIA and whats in your popcycle? and whats the setting of your GameConfig?

  • @eshenk and whats in your popcycle? and whats the setting of your GameConfig?

  • @DANIELCHIA I have already explained this to you before. Ignore the folders that mention RDE, and install the popcycle and gameconfig. It will eliminate your texture pop-in. Please install, and play for a good while, and report back here your results. I have been using these extensively for days now.

  • @eshenk I just did it and...the game crashed if i use the Gameconfig you provide. this is the first issue happen... i m sorry

  • This post is deleted!

  • @DANIELCHIA try my gameconfig but use all the rest of eshenks files and see if that works better try folder 4 and upward.

  • @Willief23 Can you do me a favor, and try my mod for a bit? He says it crashes but I don't see how it really could. I am on an older game version but that should not matter. If it does crash for you, could you please link me to the current game version's gameconfig?


  • @eshenk thats why his game probably crashes cause of the gameconfig. if you redownload my gameconfig its updated to 1.0.1032 which is the latest game version. there is some small changes from 1.0877 to 1.0.1032

  • @Willief23 Hmmmmmmmm..... I really need a tester. Here's the thing, RDE config has not kept up with updates, and I see no one complaining. It's because his config is like an uber-insane version of your configs. Any values changed in recent games did not break his config. I am using 1.944 version, and it handles all the insane levels of textures, and the highly increased ped and vehicle densities with no crashes, and no texture pop-in to speak of.

  • @DANIELCHIA i wasn't aware of 16GB graphics cards available? really?

  • Nice one @Willief23 for explaining it and making it sound so easy. Time to stop using replace vehicles and get those Add-ons working :)

  • @FoxtrotDelta I wondered that too, Isn't the biggest 1080 you can get the Zotac 11gb Ti?

  • @krissboo Titan X series has 12GB memory, 1080TI has 11, and 1080 has 8. This guy's probably talking about 1080SLI.

  • @V4D3R Haha, yeah forgot about SLI.

  • @V4D3R SLI does not add memory. SLI keeps memory of 1 graphics card. and everything is coppied to the memory of the second graphics card.

    it doesnt work like 4gb card + 4gb card in sli = 8 gb no no. SLI works different than crossfire of AMD.

  • @krissboo even two 1080ti will still be 11 GB if that's the case. 11+11=22 gb is not possible on SLI.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Well you learn something new everyday lol. I'm still on a lowly GTX 770 so I shouldn't even be talking about 1080's ;)

  • @jkrzd Not sure if you know you can use shortcuts to your music files and it still works in self radio. It keeps the folder size down to a small size :)

  • @jkrzd It's quite a useful tip because if you use too many original music files GTA V has problems. To be honest lots of things cause this game to have problems lol.
    As for being a student and not being able to get the good stuff, just keep saving up mate, you'll be able to build that dream pc one day :)
    I need to get a job and stop spending all my time in here before I can get a really good graphics card, but my one does fine for now. My priority at the moment is to get a DJ mixer and a good set of speakers as that's my other passion!!

  • @jkrzd Well give it a try with shortcuts to your music and see if it works for you. Then you can listen to your own music again :)

  • @Willief23 Smart as me. i did. i just use your gameconfig and use the others from @eshenk and answer is YES. its work.

    so whats the progress now? haaa i was working didnt catch up u guys.

  • @eshenk so r u going to fix your Gameconfig?? and after that can u give me that again?

    so your mods means can spawn add-on vehicle in the traffic??

  • @FoxtrotDelta i think GPU 16GB is good enough for lots of things

  • @krissboo @Willief23 @eshenk unfortunately... it still happen espscially when robbery callout coming... any others idea????

  • Sorry dude, missed your comment tagging me. I would try out a different gameconfig until you find one that works. Otherwise i'm all out of ideas for now - sorry. .

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