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transparent vehicles

  • Pls i have a high end system but i dnt knw what i edited in the vehicle.meta file if its the problem or the problem is from somwhere else but all of a sudden some of my cars are transparent from far and the wheels are also missing from far and my replaced gresley from far its the original gresley but if you come close it changes to the modded car how can i fix this cos i cant change the meta file its going to affect my mod cars i need help

  • ola, no zmodeler3 tem os LOD que sao: L0 L1 L2 L3 ....eles determinam o detalhe do seu veiculo de acordo com a distancia que eles estao.....

    para resolver esse seu problema na hora de exportar seu carro, escolha a opçao logo abaixo de ''salvar'' LOD ONLY ou algo assim e pronto seu carro vai ter apenas o LOD de visualizaçao de perto.

    se ajudei comente.

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