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Cadillac One "The Beast" "Presidential Limo" [VEHICLE] [WIP]

  • I'm assuming that everybody on this site wants access to a Cadillac one limo. I'm also assuming nobody wants to spend $35 dollars to get one. Thankfully that will change. Even though it looks really buggy and no where near complete, it still is something. I'd say in it's current form, it's about 30% complete. There still is a lot that needs to be done.
    To do:
    Create custom modeled joints between the two halves of the car
    Fix the middle glass
    Fix the wheel collisions
    fix the taillights
    fix the front suspension which seems like it collapsed (idk why)
    add emergency lights
    make glass bullet proof
    make entire car armored (resistant to explosives)
    alt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt text

  • The problem is, that the presidential Limos are custom made... I mean the current "Beast" isn't even based on a particular Cadillac, as opposed to older models.

    I am assuming your going for the George W. Bush era Cadillac, based on the DTS?
    alt text

    You'd probably be better off modelling the middle part yourself instead of using the one from GTA's stretch, but still... keep it up :)

  • @SkylineGTRFreak yeah i'm trying to go after that one since the unlocked dts sedan which i'm using as a base is already available.

  • Update:
    Fixed the tail lights
    Fixed midsection collisions
    Created a custom roof with collisions so that the joints are flush with the midsection and front and rear
    Still need to create custom left and right side of midsection

    Cant upload screenshots right now, away from PC.

  • Some New Screenshots
    alt text
    alt text

  • Eww haha... the middle part really doesn't fit. You're free to do what you want but it's not looking good

  • @GreenAid yea I know, but it would be much easier if I had a model to work with

  • @GreenAid you're right, it really is'nt looking good. I think i'm just going to start over from scratch because I kind of butchered this. Do you know if there are any cadillac escalades that are unlocked so i can use bits from them as the midsection?

  • Update: I'm now using the back of a Chevy suburban as the middle for this car instead of the gta stretch. It has a much better fitment on the front and back of the car. I'm still going to use however the gta stretch's interior for the middle.


    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • I think you should just "stretch" the original mesh or model it rather than trying to fit cars to it. It'll never look right this way I think.

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