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[SCRIPT] [RELEASED] - Ground Vehicle Effects

  • The Question...

    alt text

    Maybe I will show you...


    @LeeC2202 That's something a lot of people wants (including me, of course) because it adds realism to the game, so you already know my opinion :D

  • @Reyser People kept asking on my helicopter mod page and I kept saying no... and then... well, I will add more in a while. ;)

  • Answer: It looks a bit like this... I should just add, this has only been in development for a couple of days, it's very early stages.

    alt text

    alt text

    and a prototype video (in debug mode) that shows particle drift based on wind direction and speed, burnout and straight driving modes. More modes will be added as I discover what I can detect and how I can detect it. I am currently trying to work out how to detect a skid using the info I have available.

    It all goes to pot at the end as I try and show the back wheels generating the separate particle colours. There are currently 2 significant problems:

    1. I can't get rid of the default game-generated particles


    1. These particles are even worse in the editor than the helicopter effects... they just don't work properly at all.

    I have emphasised that and I cannot stress that enough. Looped particles are just broken in the editor, so anyone thinking about dust filled driving shots... not gonna happen I am afraid... not even a pause and jump trick will rescue them. :(

    Burnout is a 2 stage process, launch mode and drift mode where the particles exist in different states and undergo different transformations.

    Just a couple more multi-shot images... Ground Vehicle Effects is the current working title that may, or may not stick.

    alt text

    alt text


    This looks amazing! Is it going to be active for all vehicles or just the player vehicle?

  • @ikt Because I am using looped particles, which have a finite number, only the player can generate these. I max out at about 50 particles to avoid performance hits and I think they have about a 70 - 80 limit in total. (Edit: I could actually be wrong about this)

    I have to use looped particles because they are the only ones that allow for state changes after they have been spawned, which I needed for the scaling/colour transformations (colour transformations not added yet) and wind based drift.

    However... if I can find a way to make the NPCs generate them, I will try and do so.


    I have two questions to ask about that W.I.P.

    Will it work with all ground vehicles, including motorcycles?

    When completed, will it be part of the Helicopter Effects/Random Dirty Cars/Bus Lights mod or will be released separately?

  • @Krazy At this point in time, my best answers are:

    1. Yes... I have already tested it with a bus, that was amusing. :)

    2. I honestly don't know.

    The answer to number 2 is something I will only really know when it is finished.

    This is probably going to be as complex as the helicopter effects, possibly even more so given the plans I have for it. Only once it is done, will I know just how feasible it is to merge the two.

    Even though they use the same material checking code, they don't use the data in the same way and I have already modified it to suit this mod on its own. However, all that means is that it would require the duplication of the data to make sure they both have the right data to work with... so it's not impossible.

  • @LeeC2202 Sooooo you are back in scripting again XD the legend returns

    P.S: may I ask why is the FX showing up like this for the Helicopter effect script in my game?I'm using the default settings
    the fx looks nothing like dust and is small compared to your and skyline's screenshots :< while skyline also used the default setting
    alt text

  • Yes yes I love to leave a long dust trail behind my rally cars lol

  • @Elope Hmmmm, is that an addon helicopter or replace? In fact, get me a link to the mod and I will check it. That kind of grouping can occur on a helicopter occasionally and it's really odd. If you fly near the racecourse and view the helicopter near the water, that groups them like that but if you go near the one on the road, it's completely different. Lighting conditions can also have a huge impact on how things look, especially on certain materials.

    But if you let me know which helicopter it is, I can check that location on my game with that helicopter. It's just where the airfield splits like a y isn't it? Near Trevor's trailer? I'm always at that airfield anyway testing this script, so I can soon check it.

    This is how that location looks on my game. I have noticed that it is the material called "grass" and there is also "rock" in that area. So I have just added anything with "grass" or "rock" into the collection of materials that get modified in dusty zones, to increase the effect level. When I upload a new update, those changes will be in it.

    The other thing I do notice, is that the detail levels in your pic look lower than in mine, so it is possible that the game limits the particle effects in lower detail settings. They are a big hit on framerate, especially in the desert.

    Edit: Also don't forget that a lot of the shots on the mod-page are editor shots. In-game and editor are quite different.


  • @LeeC2202 is there a way to spawn heathaze effect from planes turbines at "engine" dummy from cars? Or atleast "exhaust" one? It would give more realism to most of carmods that carry these dummies

  • @Vans123 I can't imagine that it would be a problem spawning it... as for the problems putting it in the right place, I can't even begin to imagine the problems that would run into.

    I have a car I have been using recently and the engine dummy is behind the two seats (it's a two seater and the taillight dummies are in the same place) which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact it's a front-engine car.. :(

    You'd probably only be able to do it on the player's car as well, otherwise you could be trying to locate particle effects on hundreds of cars at once.

    The only reason I even considered this, was because I assumed that all cars would have the wheels in the right places... however, even that hasn't guaranteed error free running, because I have another car that doesn't generate the wheel rotation parameter that this mod needs and it's not a value I can easily fake.

  • @LeeC2202 i sincerely understand your continuos persue for perfection in your mods, and i appreciate that because i do the same. But you need to understand alot of people in the car modding scene give 0 fucks about this and you cant blame yourself or stop your ideads because of lazy people or rushing ones that just want to pull a mod out for release.

    That effect along the moving engines and animated engine belts would put the car modding scene as close as possible to real looking engines as it could ever be.
    Just know i would love to see it happening despite it being badly used by incomplete car mods/rushed ones, because i know alot of well done cars would take advantage of it too

  • Simple solution: don't install shitty car mods. I've just stopped trying to accommodate poorly made models, and it's made my life a lot easier and my game a lot more stable.

  • @Vans123 I understand what you're saying but the problem is, if I release a mod and an incomplete car breaks it, there's only one place those users are going to come and that's my mod page where they will post "I downloaded this and it doesn't work with the addon I have just installed".. and that's if I am lucky, I might just get "Doesn't work, fix it" and a rating that goes with it.

    Supporting my own mods I can just about deal with, supporting mods by people who as you say, give 0 fucks about this, is not what I am here to do. I don't enjoy writing code that works around, or fixes problems caused outside my mod, it's just not fun.

    If you can find any details from someone who has used that effect (the heathaze), let me know and I will try and put together something for you to use. As a personal request, you already understand the potential problems and you will be prepared for that. If you want, I can knock up a simple mod that places a visible marker at the location of that dummy and you can get an idea with that how reliable it is. I don't mind doing that, so let me know.

  • Nice work. I look forward to this.

    Also for little skids, we do want default particles. However for lengthy skids, and burnouts, we will want to see massive clouds. :)

  • @LeeC2202 wow lee, your answer and how open you are about giving me a personal version of what i requested is so awesome of you mate. All my cars have the engine dummy placed correctly so i would love to try this heathaze effect script to see how cool it looks.
    Thanks, truely appreciated


    Hope you stay on the horse for a while, Lee.
    Good to see!

    I'm off for a week or two. Hope to come back to see a new gem in the script collection :)

  • @LeeC2202 These effects looks great! But there is will be some performance affect? Also, i like idea about engine heathaze suggested by @Vans123 and i thought: what if make custom dummy and script will be work only with adapted vehicles?

  • @LeeC2202 well apparently I'm having this same effect on every add-on heli I've installed (havent checked the original helis yet),and yes that is around the airfield,but I'm having the same effect everywhere,no matter on the desert,on the cement or on the mud :/ and it's not my spec cuz I'm having the same thing happening on my high-end PC (which is not available for me now :P )
    Anyway thanks for the reply :) I'll do some tests and send you the screenshots here or somewhere else to see if it's normal :D ?

  • Racing an Audi S1 (The Rallye one from the 80s) through Raton Canyon with these effects must look god like...

  • @Elope said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] - Ground Vehicle Effects (Working Title):

    well apparently I'm having this same effect on every add-on heli I've installed

    Maybe that's something I need to check... I removed all my addon helicopters, which was a bit stupid seeing as my mod works with them, so I did no testing with them. Please send me the link to the helicopter mod in that image and I will start with that one.

    I would appreciate it if I could deal with this away from this thread though.

    @Yarm1995 said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] - Ground Vehicle Effects (Working Title):

    These effects looks great! But there is will be some performance affect?

    Every time you involve particles, you are guaranteed 100% to have a performance hit and that's what makes them so hard to work with. It takes very few of them close up to really cause a problem but you can't write this kind of script and use just a few of them. So yes, this is guaranteed to cause a problem.

    For all the advances in GPU technology, I do find it hard to believe that layers of transparency have not been addressed more directly... it has always been a problem, since 3D games started to use them.

    @Vans123 I write scripts for people... if that's one person or 1,000 people, it doesn't matter to me. All that matters is that I enjoy doing it and if minimising the risk helps me to do that, then that's what I will do. As you saw with the Pick Your Ride thread, I will happily go to great lengths for personal mods, they really are no different in how I handle them. Personal == Public, neither is greater than the other.

    I'll put together a locator script this afternoon and I will probably initiate a chat to pass that on if that's okay... so I can get this thread back on track.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak It's pretty cool but as they're behind you, highly risky to watch. Vehicle god mode is essential for testing these, poor Trevor has seen more crashes in 2 days than he has seen in 12 months with my other mods. :)

    Doing high speeds down the airfield and forgetting the corner is another one I do regularly. I could do with an AI test-driver that follows a set path at high speeds... I might look into creating that, it would be really helpful. :thinking:

  • That's absurdly nice looking! Really looking forward to this, hope you release a playable version soon.

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