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Some site options that should be local

  • Recently, a lot of things about the main site have changed. Most notably, the number of mods in a single page, etc etc. I was wondering if it is possible to have, for e.g. this number, able to change in the settings page of the main site.

    Just a suggestion!


    Yeah we'll look at this very soon. The only reason why the search result numbers were changed was because it was tied into the original ad code on that page and we wanted to make it cleaner (originally it was 3 rows of 3 with an ad on each row, and then 4 rows of 4). We've removed the 3x3 rows, and the ads, as we didn't want ads to be mixed in with the search results because it's just not nice.

    We'll increase the number of rows to 6 soon, so the only decrease will be from the original 25 (with 3 ads) to 24 (with no ads).

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