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Declasse Yosemite for GTA V: Modding help needed!

  • Hey guys,

    I've been trying to convert Thundersmacker's Declasse Yosemite truck to GTA V because it fits so perfectly in the game. It's my firts overall conversion of a GTA IV Car to GTA V which I did with knowledge entirely based on YouTube tutorials.

    @Thundersmacker: Thank you very much for your permission to share this awesome truck to GTA V players!

    The truck is drivable and works in GTA V; it even has a next-gen interior in it:

    Unfortunately, I still have a few bugs with the truck which I can't fix myself. Here's what still needs work:

    And this brings me back to my original question: Is anyone with better Zmodeler skills interested in helping / supporting me to get these bugs out of the way? I'm glad to provide you with all the project files I still have.

    Thanks a lot and all the best,


  • @eljamon88 Car looks great nice work so far :) wood bullet holes is a new one never seen that before xD need that on a morgan :')

  • For the wood impact, check your id on the chassis col (i had something like that for the falcon, i needed to find one that put fire on the tanks)

    And for the black lights, check in the part list that the glass model is placed after the interior, and same in the material list (opaque materials must be before transparent ones)

  • Thanks for the tip, now I finally have the body material bug sorted out.

    But when it comes to the headlight issue: that is still there although I changed the order as you told me (the secondary headlights belong to the bodysheel)
    Pic 1: https://s10.postimg.org/kdqwacaah/1.jpg
    Pic 2: https://s10.postimg.org/6lchepjix/2.jpg

    And now, I've run into a new problem: the normal headlights light up when I just enter the car, even if it's daylight. In the night, the head and rear lights are very bright as if the lights were turned on.

    Can anyone help me with that?


  • I figured it out: if you have secondary headlights that belong to the vehglass material, they use the Same window tint as the car windows.

    By default, the rancherxl comes with dark windows which also makes these headlights appear black.

    I changed the window tint level of the rancherxl in vehicles.meta, now that issue is gone.

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