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  • so i know that you need to change the numbers in this line:

    <id value="123123118" />

    when you cant tune the car
    so why did i change it to something that i know he is not taken and it still no work?
    do i need to change another lines?

  • @amitr1 ill tag an expert, uf he has time he will helpout @Reyser , meet reyser he is a pro at it .:)


    @FoxtrotDelta (^_^)

    @amitr1 You'll think that "123123118" value is not taken, but it is. That's because the game allowed values are from 0 to 255, so values above these are the same but just changes its length.

    To know which real value is "123123118" you should convert it to Decimal (with Windows 10 calculator in Programer mode) and then press "AND" button adding a "255" value. Then press "=" and the result should be "174". This one is the real value that's using the game when you write 123123118.

  • @Reyser said in MODKIT NAME:

    you should convert it to Hexadecimal

    Be careful with that... 255 in hexadecimal is a different value to 255 in decimal and what you are AND-ing it with, is Decimal 255.

    If you do that in Hex, the answer comes out as 4.


    @LeeC2202 You're right, in Hexadecimal is FF, I've forgotten that (I've studied this 4 years ago lol) XD Thanks for the correction ;)

  • @Reyser yes but i downloaded this pack
    and the spider version tuning worked , i took the code from the spider and put on the coupe
    and removed the spide because i dont use it so if it worked on the spider why wouldnt it work on the coupe


    @amitr1 To be honest I have no idea, sometimes we can't understand this game. Just try other values.

  • @amitr1 As everybody said, stick to maximium value of 255. This mod has all modkit names and ID's used by GTA V vehicles, you can use one of the unused values, but don't go above 225, because Gunrunning DLC will use ID's from 225.


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